How Are Treadmill Desks Revolutionizing The Way People Work?

An exciting distraction often makes a strenuous or mundane task more bearable—like walking on the treadmill with music playing in one’s ears. Multitasking not only makes the task more bearable, but it also helps to boost a person’s performance.

Scientific studies that changed the concept of multitasking

That is what the University of Florida scientists found out when they choose a group of adults to perform specific tasks while on treadmills or stationary cycles. According to their reports, the participants moved faster with zero negative impact on cognitive performance. The initial problems were difficult, and they became gradually tricky with time. Initial tasks included saying “go” when a blue star appeared on the screen, and the latter ones included reciting a long list of numbers in reverse.

The study showed that the speed of cycling was 25 percent more than the average rate when the tasks were simplest. As the tasks became challenging, the speed of cycling became slow. The most difficult of all tasks saw the slowest speeds. However, even with the most challenging tasks, their speeds were as fast as they had been in the absence of all distractions.

How can treadmills never impede thinking?

A significant part of our daily reflexes come from the spinal cord. We have central pattern generators that generate the responses necessary for walking. These neural circuits have the power to complete the flexion and extension in the leg muscles that make us step forward. So, hopping on a treadmill does not engage the core of our brain or its cognitive abilities.

How are treadmill desks becoming imperative for most offices?

Treadmill desks have the facility of setting up at least one laptop complete with speakers and additional keyboards on the desk that comes with the running machine. There might be more than one display that enables the user to check their heart rate, blood pressure, and workout intensity while working on his or her presentation. It is also conducive for the workaholic fitness enthusiasts. They can now add a dose of regular fitness to their work life.

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