How Your Smart Phone Can Make Your Healthier

Most of us whip our smartphones to check social media or WhatsApp messages; and it’s no secret that lately, the smartphone is getting a lot of flak for being addictive, anti-social, and basically unhealthy. But there is a way to use it to your advantage for optimal health. Check out these three ways smartphone technology can help you with health coaching.

Saves Time

Many of us don’t have the time to visit a health coach, but a smartphone can help you meet a health coach to ensure that a consultation can be done remotely and in a time-efficient manner. Video calls also ensure that follow-up consultations and periodic check-ins can be done efficiently and more regularly.

Ongoing Support

Research has demonstrated that getting people to change habits they have followed for years can be very challenging. However, smart phone messaging enables ongoing and continuous communication and support whenever you need it and have time for it.  The coach can also share regular articles or videos to educate the client about good lifestyle tips such as intermittent fasting to convince the client to adopt the habit or questions you may have about the Keto diet, for example.

Download Apps

Whether it’s fitness, yoga, healthy eating, or fasting—there are a lots of helpful wellness apps that can help introduce good habits into the lifestyle and ensure that incorporating good habits becomes easy. For example, there are various apps offering short guided meditation routines that can be done at home or in a gym. More importantly, there are apps that can be used to track critical parameters like steps taken during a walk or macro calories consumed for a pre-planned meal.

(Credit: The Health Concierge)