Indulge Your Sweet Tooth at the New Molten Chocolate Café at Al Majaz Waterfront, Sharjah

The latest addition to the Sharjah Majaz Waterfront portfolio of eateries is Molten Chocolate Café. This brand new café here is actually a well-known name in Malaysia and here in Sharjah, has launched with a beautiful café with options to sit indoors or outdoors next to the waterfront. We opted to sit indoors in this sophisticated café done up in neutral shades and indulge in some of their signature sweets from their menu which was an amalgam of fresh, decadent desserts.

The menu has so many tempting looking (and sounding) desserts on offer, it’s hard to choose. From the crepes part of the menu, some of the offerings include the Triple Chocolate Crepe, the Molten Nuts crepe, a Brownies crepe, a Digestive crepe, and a Fettuccine crepe which, as the name implies, looked like fettuccine in chocolate sauce,but was actually strips of crepes with luscious chocolate sauce. We opted for the Sushi Banana crepe which was like a strips of crepes encasing individual cuts of banana, drizzled in chocolate and plated with whipped cream and vanilla ice-cream. It was actually light and the ice-cream lent some coolness to the flavors.

The Kinder waffles were a rich platter of three waffles with Kinder chocolate bits and Belgian chocolate syrup, served again with whipped cream and ice cream; this was a knock your socks off type of dessert for die-hard chocolate lovers.

Next, we tucked into the Amazing churros—larger sized freshly made crispy churros with a tiny bowl of milk chocolate dipping sauce and ice cream.And the Molten Sizzling Brownie was exactly how I like brownies; firm on the outside and chewy on the inside, on a sizzling platter, served with a side of vanilla ice-cream. And finally, the Fondue Chocolate platter was small fondue pot with melted Belgian chocolate sauce served on a beautifully plated platter with symmetrical cuts of marshmallows, brownie bits, and fresh cut strawberries. Molten Chocolate Café also does amazing fresh iced fruit teas, juices, and gourmet coffees—we tried their iced peach tea, the pomegranate cooler, and a latte.

The Verdict: The best place in Sharjah for super fresh, delicious, and decadent sweet treats, Molten Café is a delight to visit and has something to please everyone. So leave your diet at home and wholeheartedly indulge—I guarantee you will not be disappointed!