Irritation and blurred vision when using contact lenses. Causes and remedies

Is your excitement about finally getting contact lenses going down the drain because of irritated eyes and blurred vision? If that is the case, stay tuned to find about possible causes and remedies.

Even if you purchase the best contact lenses Dubai has to offer, you may end up with itchy and scratchy eyes. The most common cause for this is allergies. Most often, this is a temporary problem but allergies can also be quite serious.

Let’s do a deep dive.


If along with irritation in your eyes, you also experience sneezing and congestion, then you have been most likely exposed to an allergen. Pollen, grass or pet dander can get trapped when you wear contact lenses and make your symptoms worse.You may also be allergic to the lenses themselves or the contact lens cleaning solutions. Even if you have never had any allergies in the past, they can develop at any point in your life.


Switch to your glasses in the meantime and visit an allergist to rule out all possible causes of allergies. Read the labels on the lenses and cleaning solutions carefully to make an informed choice in the future

Non-hypoallergenic makeup

Choosing makeup that is not meant to worn with contact lenses can cause irritation. It can cause contact dermatitis and causes a rash wherever the product touched your skin.


Always wear contacts first before you apply your makeup and choose only hypoallergenic makeup that is safe for contact lenses. Avoid powder makeup if possible and choose cream based makeup to ensure that nothing flies into your eyes. Also, replace your eye makeup every 3 months to prevent bacteria build-up.

Dirty Lenses

Even if you purchase the best contact lenses Dubai has, but do not clean your lenses regularly and meticulously, you can end up with irritation in your eyes. Except daily lenses, weekly and monthly lenses must be cleaned regularly. Dirty lenses can cause conjunctivitis which can cause redness and be quite painful.


Always clean your lenses at night or switch to daily lenses. If your eyes have already been infected, see your doctor immediately.

Over wear or extended wear

With weekly and monthly lenses, it is often possible to forget when they expire and keep wearing them. This can cause discomfort, irritation and even blurred vision.


Switch to daily lenses if you find yourself over wearing your lenses or set a reminder to throw out weekly and monthly lenses.

Bad fit

Sometimes when contact lenses don’t fit your eye properly, you can have all sorts of problems like blurred vision, pain, and irritation or feels like there is a foreign object in your eye.


Go see your doctor if this problem started as soon as you started wearing lenses.

Eye infections

It is also possible that you picked up an infection caused by a bacteria on your lens or bacteria that made its way into your cleaning solution. If you experience severe discomfort, redness, itchiness and blurred vision, it is possible that your eye may be infected.


If left untreated, eye infections can be life threatening. Immediately see your doctor if you feel like your eye is infected.


Sometimes the reason for your irritated eyes and blurred vision can be quite simple and can be resolved by either taking a break from your lenses or simply cleaning them religiously. Always keep a pair of glasses handy if you need to take a break. If your problems still persist, make sure to see a doctor immediately.

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