Is Cosmetic Surgery Really for You?

These days, individuals seeking cosmetic surgery are younger than was the case a few years ago. With so many factors contributing to this rise, how can we really figure out if cosmetic surgery is the right choice? Celebrated plastic surgeon, Dr. Dirk Kremer reveals more…

The Pressures of Social Media

“Plastic surgeons are claiming that there is no doubt that the ‘Instagram culture’ is influencing many younger patients, with the desire to portray themselves in the best way possible being stronger than ever. This is backed up not just by plastic surgery, but also other cosmetic treatments that are growing in popularity, such as teeth whitening and non-surgical treatments like Botox and dermal fillers.”

“Also, smartphone filters are giving people the opportunity to instantly improve their appearance, albeit digitally. This may not be producing a permanent change, but it does plant a seed in the minds of many. People think that if they can look that good temporarily with a smartphone filter, why can’t they do something that will replicate that look on a more permanent basis?”

What You Need to Know in Advance

“Every patient should be aware that each cosmetic procedure- also the so-called ‘non-invasive procedures’ can have negative side effects which can be temporary, but even be permanent. Young patients must know that changing their look by applying a filter or app is easy, but cosmetic procedures are on a whole different level. Therefore, it is important to consult a responsible clinician who can explain to a young patient what can go wrong and how to deal with it in case a complication occurs. Realizing it is not just as easy as applying an app a young patient can have another thought if he or she is willing to take the risks.”

“Also, it should be discussed what can be expected from the procedure and also if it is reversible if the patient realizes it was not the right treatment for him/her. An app or filter can be quickly removed- the result after a cosmetic procedure might be irreversible.”

About: Dr. Dirk Kremer, a German Board Certified specialist plastic surgeon, has been a regular visiting consultant plastic surgeon to the Gulf and is now exclusively available at SHAMMA clinic in Jumeirah, Dubai.