Is Your Quest for Better Health Turning Into an Obsession?

Eating healthy and exercising should be an intrinsic part of life, but what happens when this quest to be healthy starts becoming an obsession and permeates every aspect of your life?

According to Dr. Saliha Afridi, a clinical psychologist in UAE, there could be many reasons why a person becomes focused on being healthy. For example, the person could have a family history of medical problems or may have witnessed a family member suffer from health problems, and they want to avoid being stuck in a similar situation. Even psychologically, there are also many reasons why a person could take their quest to be healthy to an extreme. This person, points out Dr. Afridi, may have self-esteem issues, or it could more serious problems such as body dimorphic disorder, eating disorders, or psychosomatic disorders. Or some people might also have addictive or obsessional tendencies which trigger the use of a healthy habit in order to take control of their life which may seem otherwise out of control. “Also, many supplements are not approved by medical doctors and may have harmful ingredients for certain body types, or when mixed with other supplements and even if they are all natural they can be harmful,” she says. Exercising can also have a negative effect if the individual is not eating the correct diet or if shed excess body fat and there may also be an imbalance in their electrolytes levels.

Be Healthy with a Balance; Here’s How:

1. Do an assessment of your life entirely. Look at your relationships. How are your work commitments? Is there an imbalance in one area versus another?

2. In order to be healthy, there must be a balance. You can do this by ensuring that you are only setting aside some of your daily time to thinking about and engaging in this routine.

3. Time management equals life management. Be sure to document the hours you are spending on your fitness routine to make sure that it is just a part of your life and not your whole life.

4. Report to a friend or a loved one. If you feel that you have a tendency to go to extremes, then enlist the help of a person to whom you can report your daily activities to.