Keeping Pets Helps Boost Well-Being

It’s no secret that keeping a pet, whether that be a dog or a cat, not only increases our feelings of happiness, but can help encourage us to exercise and stay healthier.

Pets spend their entire lives loyally at their owners’ sides, keeping them active and providing a source of comfort during bouts of sickness or loneliness. According to A study conducted by research organization IPSOS, on behalf of Boehringer Ingelheim, recently confirmed this fact and what many pet owners have long suspected—that is that

dogs, cats and other pets have a positive effect on happiness, health, and well-being. The statistics speak for themselves as it is reported that over 90 percent of owners of dogs and cats themselves state that their pets have a positive effect on their quality of life. Even more importantly, a strong emotional bond with an animal can help patients’ cope with illness.

For many people, the start of a new year is the ideal time to make changes for their health—this includes exercising more, working on getting rid of the stress in their lives, or spending more quality time with loved ones and family. It has been shown that people who have a dog or other pet at home tend to stick to their resolutions—a dog can coax its couch potato owner to go for a walk.

Animals can even help with recovery as recent studies also discovered that the emotional ties we have to our pets has a positive impact on people suffering from such illnesses as depression or cardiovascular disease.