Mindfulness is an Important Takeaway from Ramadan

Ramadan is nearing its end, and even if you are not a Muslim, one of the key takeaways of the holy month is mindfulness. This includes everything from mindful talking and mindful eating to mindful attention. Here Resha Erheim, CDA Licensed & Canadian Certified Counselor and Mental Health Counselor in Dubai explains the concept.

According to Erheim, mindfulness encourages us to practice non-judgment.  She elaborates, “Mindfulness particularly focuses on awareness and non-judgment of one’s own thoughts and feelings and of others’ subjective experiences. Mindful breathing is also an integral part of mindfulness practice and meditation.  Muslim prayer, performed five times a day, is similar to mindfulness meditation, by bringing awareness to the present moment with intent and focus.” In fact, you can do everything mindfully by bringing your awareness to daily routine activities, like household chores, getting dressed, eating, driving, or whatever else you do during the day.  Being in the present moment not only helps you focus better, but also helps you avoid unnecessary stress and worry while noticing more details around you.

The Next Time You are Stressed or Over Thinking, Try the Following Tips

  • Become aware; let go of those negative thoughts without judgment.
  • Mindfully breathe; bring your attention to deliberate breaths by meditation or yoga.
  • Focus on the present; this will help you recognize and experience more pleasant moments of joy and happiness.
  • Practice gratitude by noting or writing down three things you were grateful for that day.
  • Take 10 minutes daily to do nothing, just be present- in the here and now.
  • Observe what is going on around you, with curiosity.