Mobile Doctors on Call in Dubai

Technological advancements in the telecommunication field have seeped into every facet of human life from the way we travel, eat and even diagnose our ailments. Yes, you heard that correct, you can get an illness diagnosed by a trained medical practitioner at the click of a button and sometimes round the clock.

This has led to the advent of telemedicine in UAE which means the availability of healthcare through telecommunication infrastructure. It has enabled medical doctors on call in Dubai to offer much needed medical services through video calls, voice calls, text messages, et cetera.

Who Are They?

Mobile doctors on are doctors who offer medical expertise and management through home healthcare and telemedicine. The idea is once one suffers from an ailment, they can reach their doctors through telecommunication infrastructure and if the need arises, the mobile doctors on call can physically see them and offer home healthcare where appropriate

How It Works

The concept behind mobile doctors is simple; instead of the usual hospital visit, that one takes when they are ill, they have an option to either video call, voice call or in some minor case text symptoms to a doctor on the other end of the call who communicates back the diagnosis in real time. All this can be done using a mobile application.

Advantages of Doctors on call

Time and Cost Effective

Medical doctors on call in Dubai are also relatively cheap compared to outpatient clinic services since one needs as little as Dh450 for a family subscription plan for a year and almost half that amount for an individual policy. Additionally, the government can save up to 75% of the costs incurred in hospitals by mainly focusing on high-risk patients and procedures.


Mobile doctors offer unprecedented efficiency since they are just a call or a click away. This eliminates the long hours spent getting to and from the outpatient facilities and also ensures that the doctors manage to handle as many cases as possible within a given time frame. Also, most mobile doctors on call offer 24-hour services which means patients can receive treatment round the clock.

Reduced Hospital Traffic

Mobile doctors alleviate the intensive human traffic in the hospital by getting rid of the minor ailments. This allows the hospitals to direct their full focus on high-risk patients.

Healthcare Services a Phone Call Away!

Reliable and ethical healthcare is a fundamental human right that should be enjoyed by everyone round the clock. What mobile doctors on call in Dubai are offering is a chance to consult with top-level medical ractitioners round the clock to cater to every health need, especially now with the global platform that healthcare in Dubai has been given.