Natural Elements Signature Face Lifting Treatment

I have always wanted to try a natural lifting facial that not only is relaxing, but based on Eastern therapies to help firm, lift, and tighten. So, when I was invited to the Natural Elements Spa at Le Meriden Dubai Airport Hotel, I knew I had to check it out.

The spa is expansive and I enjoyed my tranquil start to my experience taking in the view, and sipping herbal tea. My therapist, Patitta, who was very experienced in his treatment,explained the concept behind this treatment. Basically, using herbs and a European technique, she would concentrate on the principle massage technique. After removing my makeup and cleansing my face, neck, and décolleté using Peonea, French premium products,Patitta began using a medium pressure used specialized massage on the pressure points of my face to balance energy as well as to increase blood flow to the face. She explained it’s also very beneficial in the case of headaches and insomnia. She also deftly applied pressure and worked on naturally lifting and firming, which she explained would ultimately help with fine lines, radiance, and overall healthy skin. This nearly 75 minutes treatment, if done regularly, also helps with sagging, blood circulation, anddetoxifying the lymphatic passages. The art of lifting and firming face massage focuses mainly on muscle stimulation underneath the skin;it’s a combination of Eastern pressure point and European massage. It’s good for stimulation and rejuvenation of sagging and tired muscles in the face, as well as prevents wrinkles and lines.

Once the intensive facial massage was complete, my face was again cleansed and a masque, specific to my skin type and concerns, was applied. Patitta suggested the anti-aging masque by Peona. After it was removed and my face cleansed and SPF applied, I was ready to face the world. There was a definite improvement in the area around my eyes, as well as the jowls and neckline.

The Verdict: If you are looking for a truly results driven facial, this is it.Patitta is excellent in her knowledge of facial muscles and massage technique, and you will see results after the first treatment.

Visit: Natural Elements Spa & Fitness, Le Meridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre 04 702 2430