Follow this Check-List for Happiness

We all know that happiness is a journey, not a final destination. But along the ay there are some easy ways to increase the joy quotient into our lives, as follows. Eat a Happy Diet Eat more whole-foods like fruits, vegetables, dark chocolates, nuts, seeds,

Italian Comfort Food at Its Best…Buca di Beppo

Sometimes the only thing you really need to get your back on track is a steaming, fresh hot bowl of cheesy pasta with all the Italian accompaniments. And this is exactly what we got and more at Buca di Beppo, an Italian eatery straight from

Is Virtual Super Connectivity Destroying Communication?

While WhatsApp messaging, texting, and the ubiquitous Facebook wall posting definitely has its advantages, the art of conversation may soon be extinct, as those who remember the days of dialogue without a device, become outnumbered by those who do not. If people aren’t engaged in

Dubai’s Haven for Hair…VK Beauty Lounge & Bar

Having been a resident of Dubai for over 20 years, it is a rare thing to find a celebrity hairstylist who intuitively knows how to do your hair…exactly how you want it and knows the right way to correct old hair mistakes.  Meet celebrity hair

Getting Your Kids to Eat More Vegetables Now

It may sometimes feel like an uphill battle trying to get your children to regularly eat their vegetables. If you have a picky eater at home, this can be extremely frustrating. Below are 5 tips you need to try if you’re battling your kiddos at

Hosting a Party—What You Need to Know

Hosting the perfect festive party can be tricky with those endless lists of everything from the food to the décor, theme, and the guest list. Use our guide to make your party a huge success. The type of party Are you hosting an intimate gathering

Early Psoriasis Treatment

Psoriasis has always been around, but came into the spotlight when Kim Kardashian-West revealed she was suffering from it and it was worsening.  Here two specialist dermatologists detail the disease and the link to other health issues. What You Need to Know What you don’t

Which Shoes do I Take on My Holiday?

A huge problem for many of us women—narrowing down which shoes to take on our holiday can be a serious problem when packing for the upcoming summer holiday. Resist the urge to pack all of your shoes and instead follow the suggestions below. Stylish sneakers/espadrilles

Where Food Meets Bollywood at Moombai & Co.

Nestled on the ground floor of Dubai’s iconic H Hotel, Moombai & Co merges Bollywood nostalgia with Mumbai’s quintessential dishes to create a fun, friendly eatery. According to Assistant Manager Ajit Mondal, Moombai & Co. is a well-established chain already in nine countries, and more

Use these 3 Keys to Start Forgiving Today

We hear a lot about forgiving and forgetting these days. But according to researchers, there are certain keys to a successful apology that we should all be aware of. There are three keys to a successful apology: firstly, regretting your actions. Next, taking responsibility for