Put a Full Stop to Poor Body Confidence with these 3 Tips

Poor body confidence is an issue that many of us can relate to and struggle with. Loving and accepting yourself as you are comes from the mind, not your physique. Happiness and confidence does not arrive with a certain size or weight but rather with a healthy mindset.

Celebrity Trainer Heather Marr outlines her 3 tips below to help you get started.

1.Shift Your Focus

All too often we focus solely on our appearance. Rather than focusing on what our bodies look like, we can choose to shift our focus to what our bodies actually do for us. When we step back and really acknowledge all that our bodies are capable of and have done, it really puts things in perspective. instead of directing your attention to the scar you don’t like for instance, appreciate that you were capable of healing. Choose to find the positives, focus on your strengths and celebrate all that our bodies do for us with gratitude. Your perception is your reality.

2. Eradicate Negative Self-Talk

When negative, critical thoughts are popping up in your mind immediately shut them down. Don’t stop there either. For each of these negative thoughts you shut down, replace it with a positive one. At first you may have to fake it till you make it. You may not believe the positives in the beginning but overtime with repetition you will reprogram your thinking and yourself.

3. Avoid any Triggering Media

Purge your household of any magazines or publications that promote unrealistic body ideals. When choosing accounts to follow on social media be sure that they’re promoting body positivity and leave you feeling inspired, not dejected. Basically control what you allow into your space, time and mind. If it’s not moving you towards a positive place or you find it in anyway triggering then simply eliminate it. You control what occupies your space.


Celebrity and model trainer

Heather Marr


Instagram: modeltrainermarr