Reshape Your Body with Non-Invasive LPG Treatment

The battle against cellulite is real! Often, losing weight or working out regularly is not enough to contour your body, thanks to cellulite, one of the most difficult fat deposits to remove from the body!

The solution?

LPG, also known as Endermologie or LipoMassage, is a popular treatment, preferred by both men and women to contour their bodies, without any surgery or side-effects.

The non-invasive and painless treatment breaks the cellulite in the body, smoothing the fat deposits to get rid of the dimples and unwanted curves in the body.

LPG can help you: 

  • Lose fat faster by breaking up the fat and removing excess fluids
  • Reduce the dimpled appearance of thighs and buttocks caused by cellulite
  • Define body contours for a more attractive body shape
  • Tone muscles and firm flabby skin, resulting in a smoother overall appearance
  • Ease muscular tension, improve the blood flow and lymphatic drainage, leading to better sleep and radiant skin

The process utilises an FDA approved machine to treat fat pockets and redefine body contours. The procedure is non-invasive and employs mechanical rollers on targeted areas to massage and compress fat cells, accelerating the fat release process or lipolysis. The released fat is used as a source of energy by muscles. This means, working out regularly while undergoing the treatment could lead to faster results.

The LipoMassage technique also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin that are essential for a smoother, firmer, and youthful skin.

The process is 100% natural with no downtime, surgery, or side effects.

Who can benefit from LPG?

LPG Endermologie or LipoMassage is a chemical-free, multi-effect treatment that is great for reducing cellulite, firming the skin and reducing fat from targeted areas such as thighs, buttocks, stomach and upper arms.

It is a safe and pain-free option for women who want to get rid of stubborn fat or improve the contours of their body without undergoing any invasive procedures.

The massage-induced treatment is beneficial for women of all ages and is also known to improve the quality of sleep by relaxing stressed-out muscles.

How soon can I see the results?

Each LPG Endermologie or LipoMassage session is up to one hour long, and you can see visible results in as less as two to three sessions. However, for lasting results, it is recommended to take up to ten sessions for a visibly slimmer body, firmer skin and toned figure.

The results of the procedure are augmented by following a healthy diet and exercising regularly to accelerate the fat burning process.

Why our clients love LPG?

LipoMassage is a natural way of contouring your body without the need for any surgery or ingesting any chemicals. The procedure is ideal for spot treatment and works perfectly for reshaping muffin tops, reducing a bulging tummy, firming the skin on thighs and buttocks, and creating a more sculpted body shape.

In Dubai, LPG is a popular choice for women who wish to lose fat from particular areas and desire an overall toned and sculpted body.

At FCBS, Dubai’s most trusted fitness and contoured slimming centre, we have helped thousands of women reshape their bodies to perfection with our proven and scientifically designed LPG packages.

Our experts carefully assess your requirement to offer a slimming package that ensures measurable and sustainable results. If you wish to say goodbye to dimpled thighs or look forward to reducing cellulite and toning your body, speak to an expert today to book a specialized LPG package for fast results.