Skincare Always Matters… Even at 35,000 Feet

Who knows the importance of skincare at 35,000 feet better than Dubai-based Fashion & Lifestyle Influencer Lady Baltazar? And though all that jet-setting is exciting and fun, along with the air miles, your skin is getting more and more dehydrated and tired. Read on for the skincare tips Lady Baltazar swears by.

A Clean Canvas
Try to remove your makeup (if you’re wearing it) as soon as you’re settled in. This will give you a clean canvas before you start your in-flight skincare routine.

Nourish with Serum or Oil
Serums are able to be quickly absorbed by our skin on a deeper cellular level because of its smaller particles. This makes it the ideal multivitamin for your face, especially in an environment where air is being recycled. A high quality facial oil is a good option too as it helps boost nourishment to your skin.

Now is a better time than any to treat yourself to some me-time. Sit back and enjoy the in-flight while you indulge in a relaxing face mask.

Amp up the Moisture
Moisturizers, like face creams, are much richer and help create a protective layer on top of your skin. To get the most out of it, select a moisturizer that has SPF in the formula as despite being on a flight, sun’s rays can easily penetrate plane windows.

Beauty Sleep
If you want to have that glow when you land at your destination, try to get some sleep especially on long-haul flights. Make good use of the eye masks and headphones to help. Avoid the caffeine and stick to plain water. You’ll arrive at your destination refreshed and rejuvenated.