Stop Dieting and Start Eating

Going through crash diet programs or workout regimens is not sustainable and does not give results that last long. Therefore, to have an ever-lasting good health, you need to have not just a fitness lifestyle, but the best one. A sure shot way to boost your overall fitness and promote good health is to stop dieting and say yes to healthy food. Here’s how.

Include Nuts

Including nuts in your diet can do wonders. Consuming a handful of nuts every day can help boost your immunity and cut down the risk of diabetes, cancer, heart diseases and other lifestyle diseases. Moreover, they keep your stomach full for a long time so you will not have the craving to eat unhealthily or snack on junk food.

Include Good Fats in Your Diet

Contrary to the common misconception, fats are an essential part of a proper diet. Including some form of good fat in your diet can boost your health immensely. Of course, it would work in your favor to avoid fast food and greasy food. But foods like fish, avocados, and walnuts consist of good fat that your body needs. Hence, make it a point to add them to your daily eating regimen.

Eat Fresh

There is no substitute for having fresh food. Therefore, you should try to avoid packed foods even if they seem healthy. Having energy bars or protein shakes might lend you a feeling of being a health conscious individual but, in fact, having freshly cooked food is always better because it is still higher in nutritional value.

(Author Bio: Mitravinda is a nutritionist at DietChart who writes blogs on various nutrition-related topics such as diet chart for weight loss and how to remove dark circles in 2 days)