Stop Snoring in its Tracks during Travel

Snoring at night is a problem, butan even bigger one to snore just about anywhere else. If you are going on a business trip and you have the tendency to snore, you may become conscious especially at the end of the trip when you are sharing the room with a colleague.

The following are proven solutions to stop snoring while traveling, according to travel enthusiasts:

1. Treat your allergies and respiratory problems The air pressure when flying, the change in humidity in a new city, or your seat mate’s wool coat with some pet dander on it, all of these contribute to possible allergy attacks while on a plane, on a bus, or a train. If you are prone to allergies or travelling with common colds or asthma, it is best to carry a travel-approved saline spray, eye drops, asthma inhaler, and no-drowse allergy medications.

2. Use a chin strapChin strap is another anti-snoring accessory. It is worn under the chin and secured over the head. As soon as you wear it, you will feel that it gently supports and advances your chin. When you sleep sitting, reclined, or lying down, the airways remain open and bigger than the usual. You can use this together with a nasal vent or as a stand-alone accessory.

3. Try tongue and mouth exercises before your flightSimilar to the usual advice for snorers at the bed, tongue and mouth exercises can also help. Modulated and well-enunciated way of saying A-E-I-O-U can already be a good start. Stretching your tongue, pretending to touch your chin can also strengthen your throat muscles. Prepare yourself by exercising a week before your trip and regularly thereafter.

4. Request for a humidifier at your hotel room If you feel like you will snore during bedtime after an exhausting trip or if you are scared that you might get exposed to allergens that can contribute to snoring, prior to your trip, try asking your hotel if they can provide a humidifier for your room. It would be best to keep essential oils handy to help the moist air open up your clogged nasal passages.

Author: Usman Raza is a CEO, marketing specialist at Perfume Hut and founder of Usman Digital Media.