Take a Gastronomic Journey to Uzbekistan With Eshak Dubai at City Walk

Never having eaten Uzbeki food, when we were invited to Eshak Dubai at City Walk, we had no idea what to expect. With a cutting-edge, “East meets West” kind of ambiance-there are walls covered with stunning Uzbeki carpets and beautiful wall murals from Lebanon. The overall look is industrial Boho chic with plush armchairs in interesting textures and jewel tones of ruby red, turquoise, and magenta.

Our Uzbeki server-Bakzod, not only helped make food suggestions but gave us insight into the culinary history of Uzbekistan. The menu has a mix of Uzbeki dishes and some are Middle Eastern, but we opted only to try the core Uzbeki cuisine.

For starters, we opted for Rocca salad with cherry tomatoes, pine nuts, halloumi cheese, dates, and balsamic dressing. The soup—traditional Lagman, is a flavorful dish from Central Asia that literally warms the soul, with slices of prime filet in a rich homemade broth with tomatoes, sweet chillies, onions, thick homemade noodles, and five-star anise spice. This is a meal in itself and was about the best soup I have eaten in ages.

From the dumplings-which are very popular in Uzbekistan-we enjoyed the fried mantas-veal stuffed dumplings, served with adjika sauce-a well-known sauce made of hot red peppers, garlic, and spices. The eggplant salad was another big hit with us-as each large chunk of eggplant was perfectly crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside, with understated hints of sweet chilli sauce.

The Chicken pie was plated and served beautifully- a mix of flaky pastry juxtaposed with a creamy chicken and mushroom filling, and garnished with cherry tomatoes.

For our mains, we really enjoyed the traditional barbeque chicken which was juicy and tender, without being over spiced. Bosso Lagman- a very popular in Uzbekistan-made up of thick homemade noodles, fried veal, star anise, and seasonal vegetables. It was a comforting dish that had lots of culinary elements married together.

Again, with the desserts, we opted for only Uzbeki sweet treats-the Uzbeki honey cake was light, not too sweet, moist cake. Then the homemade nuts-small shortbread-like cookie balls with a scrumptious caramelized milk filling, and finally, the chocolate salami-baked chocolate sliced biscuits roll rich with nuts. Eshak also has specialty teas and coffees-we tried their vitamin tea, served in a large tea infuser, and made at the table. We enjoyed the fragrance wafting as the fresh tea infused into a medley of fresh strawberries, oranges, and raspberries before our eyes-creating this divine fruity tea.

The Verdict: Eshak Dubai is a very popular venue at City Walk and it’s no wonder! The food is really superb, the ambiance is enjoyable, and the service is commendable. This is a must-try for Uzbeki cuisine or even some really good Middle Eastern fare.

Visit: https://eshak-dubai.business.site/