The Grove Merges an Eclectic Dining Experience with High Quality Middle Eastern Cuisine

The Grove Merges an Eclectic Dining Experience with High Quality Middle Eastern Cuisine

Ajman has a hidden secret and it’s located at the Al Zorah Golf Club, overlooking the lush mangroves. The Grove is a recent addition to Ajman’s burgeoning food scene and is one place you definitely will not want to miss. The aesthetics of the venue are stunning; with a large deck that is ideal for al fresco dining and shisha as well.  Indoors, The Grove takes the same concept with an abundance of plants dotting the walls and even a huge tree in the middle of the venue. And don’t forget—it serves up fresh Levantine and Emirati dishes with aplomb.

We ordered two salads; the classic fattoush with greens seasoned with sumac and lemon and drizzle over with pomegranate molasses and crispy Arabic bread bits. The other was a baby spinach salad—also crisp, green and very fresh.

From the hot mezze we enjoyed the spicy potatoes (batata harira) which happens to be one of my favorite Levantine dishes and is essentially a platter of spicy potatoes with coriander and chili paste. We also tucked into the trio dips—a tray with muhammara—a spicy walnut spread, a creamy moutabal, and a classic hummous—all which went superbly with the freshly baked Arabic Bread which was constantly being replenished. And the cheese borek was crispy with a yummy warm cheese filling.

For our mains, we selected the kebob bazenjan which was a succulent, grilled kebob and eggplant skewers served with grilled onion and capsicum. The charcoal grill was also fantastic; an enormous platter of mix grilled meats and chicken including sheesh tawook, lamb chops, and kebob orfali served with a lovey garlic dip. And the favorite amongst these highlights was the chicken machboos—marinated chicken cooked with fragrant Emirati spices and loomi, served with basmati spiced rice. In between, we sipped some of the fresh juices on offer, including fresh watermelon and mixed fruit cocktails.

Desserts here are also mostly Arabic in origin and some highlights include the Kunafa Nabulsiya with the accompanying sweet syrup. We also tried the brownies and ice-cream as well as the Lotus cheesecake which was a lovely treat.

The Verdict: The Grove is a beautiful and tranquil venue in Ajman that serves up super fresh Middle Eastern food. It has taken up Ajman’s foodie scene up several notches and is a must-visit.

Visit: The Grove

Address: Al Ittihad St – Ajman

Phone: 06 539 5398