The Male Athletes Who Exemplify Peak Fitness

Men can learn a lot about health and fitness from following top athletes, even if we can’t always reach their level. And fortunately, top athletes tend to be fairly open about what they do to stay fit, from diet plans to workouts to their special little tricks That means there’s a great deal we can learn from, really, dozens of different examples of famous sports figures. Some that really stand out, though, are as follows.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Despite some disturbing scandals on the personal front, Cristiano Ronaldo may be the fittest athlete alive. It’s been argued that football (or soccer) players are the fittest athletes on the planet, and Ronaldo is at the sport’s pinnacle. Though he’s easing toward the twilight of his career, he’s always been in almost unrealistically good physical condition, and has spoken on numerous occasions about the workouts and diets that got him there.




Roger Federer

Roger Federer may be the best tennis player in history, but in his later years he’s becoming as well known for his fitness as his game. Federer has stayed near the peak of men’s tennis in an extremely competitive era well past the age at which most players are effective. Turning 38 this year, he is still in the hunt for the biggest prizes in the sport, which any fan or analyst will tell you is staggering. If you’re curious about how to preserve athletic ability and stay fit for the long term, soak up everything Federer has to say on the topic!



LeBron James

Possibly the best basketball player ever, LeBron James’s fitness throughout his NBA career has been remarkable. James has played at a relentless pace, always making it deep into the playoffs and usually peaking in the Finals, some 100 games into a season. As you might expect (and as bookmakers back up), Finals MVP tends to go to a superstar, and James has been so good he’s nearly won the award even in Finals his team haslost. To be that good, that late into the season, so many years in a row, is nearly superhuman.



Chris Froome

Chris Froome may be the best cyclist since Lance Armstrong (whose legacy is complicated anyway). Still just 33, Froome has won general classification at the Tour de France four times, including three times in a row between 2015 and 2017. He’s said to have an ideal body for his sport, which is reminiscent of Michael Phelps in swimming, yet he also clearly spends every waking moment on building his strength and endurance. If you have similar interests, keep an eye on Froome for what figure to be the last few years of his career.