The Pregnancy Precaution Checklist

A pregnant woman should always be conscious of what can potentially affect her unborn child. A proper way to go about it is to avoid self-medication and lay emphasis on self-care. You could create a to-do list if that is going to make things a lot easier for you. Taking a quick look at the list below might provide answers to your curiosities.

Monitor your baby’s growth

Worthy of note are the phases of the pregnancy which are the trimesters including its dos and don’ts. You should monitor your baby’s growth through these phases.

Don’t take in what would harm you and your baby

It cannot be overemphasized that a woman takes extra care with regards to what she consumes during pregnancy. A healthy and balanced diet ensures you get all the needed nutrients for your developing baby. Certain foods, such as caffeinated drinks, unpasteurized dairy products, raw or undercooked meats, amongst others, should be cut out.

Exercises are not as dangerous as they seem
Asides food and drinks, exercise is an important aspect of a good pregnancy lifestyle. Regular exercises can help you as an expectant mother to cope with physical and mental demands that come with pregnancy. Amongst its various benefits is the management of weight gain.

Your body needs more rest than ever

Feeling tired or even exhausted comes with the symptoms of pregnancy. This is very normal; you need not panic. It is due to rapid changes in the hormone levels in your body. Take thing easy and get as much rest as you can. Author Bio: JOJO Yang is a writer from Check Pregnancy.