Transform into a More Positive Person with these Tips

We all know that being positive is not only good for our mental and emotional well-being, but can give our general health a boost also. Here Nikhil Kapur, the co-founder of Atmantan, a luxury wellness resort based near Pune in India, explains how thinking positively can even have a beneficial impact on your relationships and professional life. Here he details his key tips to stay positive.

A circle of positive people for good vibes

My most important advice would be to develop a circle of friends that radiate positivity and happiness. This way you’ll always have a strong network of positive people around you which will, in turn, lead to a happier you.

Add meditation in your routine

Meditation and wellness activities including mindfulness and yoga can do you good, even in the long run. These activities can help you reconnect with yourself in ways you never imagined, he says, and also, enables a good time for yourself and letting out the negative energy.

Helping and giving back to the society

Volunteering and giving back to society can help you feel good about yourself and your impact in the world. Even a meal to a sick neighbor or helping an elderly person carry heavy bags can be extremely rewarding.

Get involved in physical exercises

Regular exercise can help you feeling positive and on top of the world. All those endorphins are a great way to keep a positive frame of mind. Pick an activity you prefer and stick with it.

About Nikhil Kapur – Co-founder

An Ironman Tri-athlete by passion, Nikhil is the Co-Founder Director of the award-winning Atmantan Wellness Resort, a one of its kind International wellness resort located in Mulshi, a hill station near Pune, India. The luxury lifestyle magazine – GQ, awarded him among the ‘50 Most Influential Young Indians’ (2016) for men under 40 in India who are increasingly influencing the way they live, work and play. He is also the founder of Keona Organics, which is engaged in genuine organic farming practices in farms near Pune.