Powder.ae brings K-Beauty Straight to Dubai

Ayat Toufeeq and Amina Grimen launched Powder.ae because they personally really struggling to find some niche skincare brands they wanted in the UAE. After spending hours researching different products and brands, how to use them, and for what results, they decided to bring it all together in one place for this region. Here the duo discusses their love for K-beauty.

What makes K-beauty so very different from Western beauty routines?

Ayat Toufeeq: I’m a K-beauty addict! It is definitely inspiring that Korean women often make a real commitment to taking care of their skin and it does show. Innovation is also a priority with K-beauty, and there is appeal in the novelty of some of the more unusual ingredients used, like snail mucin, donkey milk and placenta, as well as the concept of the 10-step routine. For me, I love that the K-beauty approach is to work with your skin with layers of really gentle, nourishing formulations that keep the skin hydrated, rather than with strong, drying chemicals which are often used in Western products.

What are some super-hot K-beauty brands/products right now?

Ayat Toufeeq: What’s trending really depends on what you’re looking for but for sure, sheet masks have infiltrated most of our skincare routines! I personally love sheet masks and find they do give your skin a hydrating boost and make a noticeable difference when used frequently. In terms of brands, CosRX and Huxley are really popular right now, and both for good reason. CosRX make really simple and affordable but very effective products which are really helpful for fighting breakouts and keeping skin clear. Huxley is all about their star ingredient which is the Prickly Pear Seed Oil, and their Oil Essence is definitely one to try.

What are two key trends right now in K-beauty?

Ayat Toufeeq: ‘Glass skin’ is currently the hottest concept in K-beauty and it involves having skin so smooth and pore-less that it resembles and reflects light like a sheet of glass. Not so realistic for us mere mortals but using hydrating products and AHAs can definitely help you get half way there. The key trend that we love the most is double-cleansing – first with an oil cleanser to remove make-up and SPF residue effectively, then with a water-based cleanser to remove sebum and any other impurities left on the skin.

What do you say to people who complain the 10-step programs are too time consuming?

Amina Grimen: You don’t have to have a 10-step routine if it doesn’t work for you! You can still incorporate K-beauty into your routine without it having to be lengthy. Many of the steps are optional – for example toner, essence, serum, ampoule and lotion are all ‘hydrating’ steps and can definitely be reduced- as you may not need as many layers of hydration. The key thing is to listen to your skin and what it needs, and to never skin the sunscreen.

Check out: www.powder.ae