Use Foods to Heal and Boost Energy Levels

Certain foods have an innate ability to heal the body and boost energy levels; Well-Being Educator Priya Arjun explains more.

Remove processed foods and particularly those with added sugar. Some of these include store-bought tomato ketchup, flavored yoghurts, and artificial sweeteners.    

Include alkalizing foods in your diet such as green vegetables, navy and lima beans, fennel, cumin, and sesame seeds. This aids in cleansing and losing weight.

Include a traditional bone broth which has a multitude of electrolytes and is packed with collagen protein, which is what most of our body is made of. It keeps the skin youthful.

At suhoor, having a detox vegetable juice with beetroot, cucumber, tomato, and parsley can keep you hydrated.

Consume fewer grains as grains fall into the acidic range. Instead, opt to consume breads with sprouted grains and fermented sourdough.

Including probiotic cultures like kimchi, sauerkraut, olives, and cucumber in brine helps in populating the gut with good bacteria and in reducing sugar cravings.