Use These Apps to Maximize Productivity in Your Meetings

Everyone knows that meetings in general are effective and quite often, help everyone in the team reach the same page. To boost productivity, there are applications developed to make hosting a successful meeting much easier, as follows.

1. Meeting Ticker This will help you calculate how much each of your meetings costs. This will work best to evaluate if it’s really worth to host a meeting or if it would be better to simply write an email or create a survey form. You simply enter the number of the attendees, average hourly rate and the duration of the meeting to get a value of the total time spent.

2. will help you put together a clear agenda for your meetings with the necessary documents added to every item on it. Your colleagues will be able to comment and edit the agenda and you will be able to track the progress of your meeting using the app as well.

3. PlanningPod PlanningPod is for those who are busy with meetings that are dedicated to planning any kind of event. Using PlanningPod, you will be able to discuss automatically generated overviews of your progress, plan budgets and more in your meetings.

4. Meeting Calculator Using data from your Google Calendar account, Meeting Calculator will give you the overview of your past meetings. It calculates the total number, average length the percentage of meetings you’ve created versus being invited to, and more.