Ways to Keep Pets Healthy and Happy in an Apartment

With small, indoor living spaces and limited outdoor access, apartment living with pets can be challenging. However, Dr. Sara Elliott, founder and director of Veterinary Services at British Veterinary Hospital, reveals which pets tend to thrive in apartments and also provides tips for make living with pets in an apartment an enjoyable experience.

The Personality

It is important to consider an animal’s energy level, noisiness, and even friendliness. Large dogs with mellow personalities may fare better in an apartment compared to small, high-energy dogs that bark a lot.


Place toys in different rooms and locations throughout the apartment. This gives pets a good reason to explore and exercise as they search for their favorite toys in another room. Another option is to create a ‘catio’, an enclosed cat patio that allows cats to venture outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. Before building a catio, get permission from your apartment manager. Enclose the catio with secure gates and fencing so cats don’t jump off the balcony and injure themselves.


For cats, it can be challenging to find a space to call their own in a tiny apartment. Cats enjoy climbing high and like to be out of reach so they can look down and observe their surroundings. One tried and tested tactic is to ensure cats have access to have tall, multi-level cat towers and scratching posts. If your cat loves to curl up on the window ledge and look out, secure and lock windows so your cat doesn’t escape.

Make it official

According to Dubai Municipality, every pet must be vaccinated and micro-chipped before registering with the municipality and getting their unique identification. Should your pet become lost and taken to a shelter or veterinarian, routine scanning will reveal the microchip and a phone call to the microchip company will reveal the information in the database for that chip, to help located its rightful owners.