Which Shoes do I Take on My Holiday?

A huge problem for many of us women—narrowing down which shoes to take on our holiday can be a serious problem when packing for the upcoming summer holiday. Resist the urge to pack all of your shoes and instead follow the suggestions below.

Stylish sneakers/espadrilles – a lot of brands have started making these and they come in a variety of prints and colors. Some even have embellishing on them to add that wow factor. Pairing them with a summer dress makes for a sporty change with the much needed comfort.

Flats – These are comfortable, hassle–free and don’t take up a lot of space. Opt for neutral colors which can be paired with a variety of clothes, or a color block one, which can add a pop of color. Scrunchy style flats fold up and can be carried around for an easy change, in case your existing foot wear becomes uncomfortable. But also remember to always carry shoes that are already comfortable in walking, never try to break in a new pair on a holiday is a big no-no.

Sandals – these are comfortable to walk around town or to the beach and can be paired with jeans or dresses easily. Sandals don’t take much space and come in a variety of trendy options from gladiators, to ones spikes, classic or wrap around.

Wedges, especially the corkscrew style, not only add height, but are super comfortable. Opt for these rather than toe pinching stilettos and wear with dresses, pants, or even jeans.