Why Journaling Can Help Infuse Gratitude and Joy into Your Life

Intention and gratitude are very important and Dr. Tara Wyne, Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Director at Lighthouse Arabia explains why she is a great believer in journaling and committing intentions to paper.

How it can help

With a journal, it almost feels like we are creating a contract with ourselves. In our journal we can be absolutely truthful about our hopes and fears and level with ourselves about how much we are really investing in the change. When we are spending time focusing on what we need to change and what we are unhappy with, it can be a wonderful opportunity to pair this with what we are proud of in ourselves. We can be grateful for the good in our life and attribute that to all the sources inside and outside of ourselves.


Spending time on paper

Again, spending time on paper or in person, perhaps letting people know, communicating with our higher power, about what we are thankful for. All this serves to strengthen our resilience, our muscle for change, our relationship to self and others. Finally placing ourselves under some pressure or restriction can make us identify with those that are constantly in distress and deficit. We become grateful for so much more when we reflect on struggle and realize that ours is typically discrete and short lived whilst others may struggle without respite. This awareness can also lead to people taking committed action to improve the situation and circumstances of those that suffer more than us.