Why You Need to be Eating Kimchi

In terms of skincare and beauty, Korea is way ahead of the game, coming out with game changing products that are innovative and results driven. But Koreans have another secret—kimchi—which is not only good for your skin, is actually packed with powerful health benefits. Here is just some of the reasons you should be including kimchi in your diet…

What is it

Basically, kimchi is a reddish fermented vegetable dish often served as a side dish with Korean meals. It is salted and seasoned with chili powder, ginger, garlic, scallions, and can vary greatly depending on the region.

Optimal Digestion

As kimchi is fermented and is a probiotic, it contains lactobacilli or healthy bacteria also found in yogurt. Not only does this boost digestion, it can maintain optimal intestine health.

Good for the Skin

Loaded in vitamin C and antioxidants essential for cell regeneration, kimchi can enhance healthy skin from within as it boosts collagen from within. Also, after being fermented, kimchi is packed with antioxidants which stave off cell oxidation; what this means is it works as an anti-ageing ingredient.

Helps with Immunity

As kimchi is a probiotic, the fact that it’s loaded with garlic, chili, and ginger makes it even more powerful. Garlic lower inflammation and helps in fighting off infection while red chili is known for its anti-cancerous properties and ginger is good for intestinal health.

For Fiber

Mostly made using cabbage, kimchi is high in fiber, but low in calories, making it the ideal food. Fiber rich foods not only maintain optimal digestion, have
been known to be good for optimal heart health and diabetes.

For Weight Loss

Consuming kimchi can actually help you lose weight as studies have shown that the consumption of probiotic foods lessens food cravings and keeps the appetite regulated.

Versatile Food

Use kimchi as a side dish with whatever foods you are eating. Or add it to a salad, have it in a sandwich, essentially, the possibilities are endless.

(Source: www.drhealthbenefits.com)