Understanding Rheumatoid Arthritis

Understanding Rheumatoid Arthritis is Key in Early Detection and Subsequent Treatment. Health Meets With Specialist Rheumatologist Dr. Ghita Harifi Who Explains More. UNDERSTANDING There is still much about the disease that is unknown, including the precise cause. However, Dr. Harifi insists that early detection is the most important factor for this disease. If diagnosed early,Read more about Understanding Rheumatoid Arthritis[...] Read More

Healthy Ways to Help Moms Manage Stress

Juggling Family and Work is Never Easy and Can Be Quite Stressful. Health Looks At Some Simple, Yet Healthy Ways To Manage Your Stress. With limited time, endless school assignments, work assignments, emails to tend to and the home, it is very important first to approach managing stress in a way that works for us not against us. With a rushed schedule we may be tempted to forgo exercise altogether. Exercise however, will help manage stress and anxiety. Rather thanRead more about Healthy Ways to Help Moms Manage Stress[...] Read More

Dress Up For a Dubai Winter

While it never really gets freezing cold here in the uae, still, as the Temperatures drop and the air gets crisp and cool, we do enjoy reaching For our winter wear. Health asks home grown fashion designer Kristina Fidelskaya her tips for looking fabulous in the winter. The Tips Invest in Outerwear Winter is alwaysRead more about Dress Up For a Dubai Winter[...] Read More

Making Fitness A Way of Life

Making Fitness A Way of Life Juggling a successful business is never easy; but add to the mix a passion for fitness and a talent for stand-up comedy…Meet Adnan Nalwala, Executive Director of Akar Technical Services and Al Ansari Group (Oman) who reveals how his dedication to fitness is the foundation for coping with all challenges in life. THE START “Fitness has always been a part of my life. FromRead more about Making Fitness A Way of Life[...] Read More

Blogger in the Spotlight

Natalie Lines is not only a luxury illustrator and creative director at a leading agency, but also a blogger who chronicles her travels and experiences. HEALTH meets with this creative powerhouse and finds out how she makes it all happen. ILLUSTRATING “Illustrating is something I’ve always done and never imagined being in any other career path that wasn’t atRead more about Blogger in the Spotlight[...] Read More

Your Guide To Living Your Most Authentic Life

From your family to your career, this year make it a point to live your life as authentically as you can. HEALTH asks Clinical Psychologist Dr. Tara Wyne what this really means. THE TERM At the heart of this term is truly knowing who you are and living according to your own values. It also includes having integrity inRead more about Your Guide To Living Your Most Authentic Life[...] Read More

Top Tips For Startup Entrepreneurs For 2017

Top Tips For Startup Entrepreneurs For 2017 In his role as a reporter at Forbes Middle East, Kelsey Warner meets and interviews startup entrepreneurs on a regular basis. He shares his top five tips to get you going in the right direction if you are considering taking the leap into the world of entrepreneurs. 1. PICK A BUSINESS WITH A LARGE MARKET Before you build aRead more about Top Tips For Startup Entrepreneurs For 2017[...] Read More

Movers & Shakers

Movers & Shakers Beauty is serious business and and no doubt, set to become even bigger in 2017. Joelle Mardinian is one such expert who embodies this mantra with her group of businesses under the Joelle Group. HEALTH meets the brains behind the business…. The Beginnings “I started very early in the beauty business. I have always been passionate about makeup and started training atRead more about Movers & Shakers[...] Read More

Insight Into Arab Health

Insight Into Arab Health With Arab Health just around the corner, HEALTH meets Ali El- Khidir, Marketing Director of Informa Life Sciences Exhibitions who explains why exhibitions like these enable the best viable healthcare to both consumers and experts alike. The Importance of Exhibitions “By running conferences that are led by internationally acclaimed speakers, medical practitioners get to learn about topical healthcare issues and how to approach them in their daily practice. Additionally, through the exhibition,Read more about Insight Into Arab Health[...] Read More

Holistic Wellness at DNA Health and Wellness Center

Holistic Wellness at DNA Health and Wellness Center The DNA Health and Wellness Center is a unique getaway for individuals aspiring for an innovative medical checkup in addition to anti-aging therapies. HEALTH meets with Dr. Nasim Ashraf, CEO & Chief Medical Officer at DNA Health to learn more… Can you tell us about the DNA Clinic and what makes it unique? DNA Health and Wellness Center located at theRead more about Holistic Wellness at DNA Health and Wellness Center[...] Read More