Getting back into the fitness game after the holidays

Getting back into the fitness game after the holidays If you’re just now getting back into a workout routine after a few weeks off for the holidays, don’t feel guilty and don’t worry. You will get that strength and fitness back. Compared to somebody who has never trained, your experience gives you a huge advantage that’ll make it easier to get back to form.Read more about Getting back into the fitness game after the holidays[...] Read More

Your heart healthy checklist

☑ From lifestyle and exercise to the foods we eat, we all aspire to maintain optimal cardiovascular health. Use our checklist to help. ☑ Seek out early medical consultation if you suffer from any problems related to your heart or if you have pre-existing hereditary heart conditions already. ☑ Focus on eating foods which includeRead more about Your heart healthy checklist[...] Read More

What’s Blocking Your Happiness?

Don’t you wonder why some people enjoy their lives no matter how challenging the difficulties are, while others cannot find peace no matter how hard they try? It could be due to a number of beliefs that are attributed to how unhappy a person may be with their life, as follows. When you are caughtRead more about What’s Blocking Your Happiness?[...] Read More

How to Transform Negative Thoughts into Positive Ones

As optimistic as many of us believe we are, there may still be thoughts of negativity creeping up on us when we least expect it. Here are some simple ways to transform your negative mindset to a more positive one. Always Remember that Nothing Is Permanent Your work, health, and current situations are not permanent.Read more about How to Transform Negative Thoughts into Positive Ones[...] Read More

Taking care of emotional needs during Breast Cancer

When a woman has been diagnosed with breast cancer, sometimes she may neglect her emotional side while working on getting better physically. Health presents some ways to help nurture emotional needs during the fight against breast cancer. Keep up your grooming habits as showering and getting dressed daily can be challenging for some women duringRead more about Taking care of emotional needs during Breast Cancer[...] Read More

When Your Brain Pays You Back

From Gulf Medical University, UAE. With a global obsession to look younger, there is another aspect we need to focus on— preserving our minds and cognitive abilities against a forgetful memory or Alzheimer’s disease in the future. HEALTH delves deeper. What Science Says The primary gear that the body runs by is our nervous systemRead more about When Your Brain Pays You Back[...] Read More

Eat your sun protection

As we slather on our SPF creams, did you know certain foods that contain Phytochemicals and antioxidants can actually boost your body’s ability to protect itself against sun damage? Read on to learn more. TOMATOES Lycopene, the antioxidant in tomatoes, has been found to reduce sensitivity to sunburn. Drinking tomato juice or taking 10 milligramsRead more about Eat your sun protection[...] Read More

Is your lifestyle putting you at risk of a stroke?

Most of us know the link between our emotions and our health, but what is less known is the link between emotional wellbeing and the risk of a stroke. HEALTH learns more. According to Dr. Andrew Russman, D.O., Head of a Stroke Program and Medical Director of a Comprehensive Stroke Center, people will very oftenRead more about Is your lifestyle putting you at risk of a stroke?[...] Read More

The future is now… AI and Diabetes

Diabetes is a healthcare epidemic that is skyrocketing globally at an alarming rate. Yet, Dr. Sandeep Reddy, Medical Informatician from Melbourne, Australia explains that Artificial Intelligence (AI) can drastically help patients suffering from diabetes. Reasons to Employ AI The three main reasons health services should consider employing AI techniques with regards to diabetic or pre-diabeticRead more about The future is now… AI and Diabetes[...] Read More

Fast Forward Into The Future… A One On One With Dr. Tim Wilson

At the recent Thumbay Group’s innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) Conference held on April 11 in Dubai, HEALTH had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Tim Wilson, ME Health Industries Leader at PwC about the future of Artificial Intelligence in the health sector. Keeping a Check on AI “It is up to us to determine howRead more about Fast Forward Into The Future… A One On One With Dr. Tim Wilson[...] Read More