Having a baby in mid-life can be thrilling with the excitement a new baby brings to the family, and the fact that most middle-age moms have more time, experience, and material resources at hand. Yet there are some less spoken about aspects of having a baby later in life as Dr. Rehan Salim – ConsultantRead more about THE MID-LIFE MOM-HAVING A BABY LATER IN LIFE[...] Read More

Suffering in Silence – Men and Mental Health

Men’s mental health has often been ignored due to worldwide societal values that not only devalues the pressure men face, but also demands them to be resilient. As a result, men often quietly suffer from mental health concerns and have seldom reached out for help. SOCIETAL PRESSURES According to Reem Shaheen, Adult Counseling Psychologist, recentRead more about Suffering in Silence – Men and Mental Health[...] Read More

Medical Tourism in Dubai is Flourishing

As medical tourism is part of the Dubai Government’s 2021 Initiative, HEALTH met with Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jaffer Khan to understand what role cosmetic surgery and treatments play in the medical tourism experience. Most Popular Aspects According to Dr. Khan, interestingly, Dubai Health Experience (DXH) statistics show that orthopedics and cosmetic surgery are the topRead more about Medical Tourism in Dubai is Flourishing[...] Read More


Treatments that genetically modify a patient’s own blood cells are creating a powerful new weapon in the fight against cancer – possibly even the most powerful yet, according to a leading international specialist in children’s cancer. HEALTH met with Dr. Rabi Hanna* at Arab Health recently to learn more about this groundbreaking technique. CAR T-cellRead more about NEW GENETIC TREATMENTS TURN PATIENT’S OWN BLOOD CELLS INTO A CANCER-KILLING MEDICINE[...] Read More

Food Fortification Addresses Vitamin D Deficiency in the Region

In the UAE specifically, fortifying foods with vitamin D is helping to curb a plethora of ailments, from neurogenerative diseases and cardiovascular disorders to pregnancy-related disorders and autoimmune diseases. Andreas Bluethner, Director Food-Fortification, BASF tells how food fortification can reduce vitamin and mineral deficiency for at-risk individuals. Reasons to fortify even healthy foods Although vitaminRead more about Food Fortification Addresses Vitamin D Deficiency in the Region[...] Read More

Make that Lifestyle Change Today

Despite the belief that we are in a health conscious society, with super foods, and the latest diet trends, the UAE is currently facing an epidemic of chronic non-communicable diseases. In 2017, the International Diabetes Federation stated the rate of diabetes in the UAE was at 15.6 percent, while the USA and UK prevalence rates wereRead more about Make that Lifestyle Change Today[...] Read More

Why We Need to Talk about Fiber

Surprisingly, for a nutrient that can help us manage our weight, have a healthy heart, and even lower the risk of certain cancers, we frequently overlook fiber in our diets. In fact, fiber is a much needed ingredient to boost our health quotient, tells Dr. Ieva Laurie, Principal Nutrition Scientist, Tate & Lyle. Here’s why.Read more about Why We Need to Talk about Fiber[...] Read More

The Happiness Doctor

Dr. Smitha Prabhakar’s entire career journey is a testimony to the fact that one doesn’t need to confine oneself to any boundaries, where she has embraced change and evolved with every step she’s taken. Born in India, and lived in Mumbai and US, Dr. Smitha’s long tryst with wellness began around 23 years ago. HerRead more about The Happiness Doctor[...] Read More

Creating a Balanced Home Space for Optimal Wellness

Most of us have heard of Feng Shui to a certain extent, but how it can control the flow of energy created by nature to help us with our wellness quotient is something new. Read on as Feng Shui Wellness Designer Simone Osswald explains the basis of Feng Shui. The Qi Flow Qi is theRead more about Creating a Balanced Home Space for Optimal Wellness[...] Read More

Living a Balanced Life… Hrishitaa Bhatt

From working with Shah Rukh Khan in the film Asoka to pairing up with Jimmy Shergill in Haasil, for Bollywood actress Hrishitaa Bhatt, leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle is vital. Here she waxes lyrical about how she stays in shape and why she believes health is our greatest wealth. Personal Fitness “I believe inRead more about Living a Balanced Life… Hrishitaa Bhatt[...] Read More