Improve Your Child’s Behavior with Food

Good for the Brain Foods According to health and nutrition expert Patrick Holford, the brain is 60 percent fat, therefore, children who eat good fats–from raw nuts, seeds, and oily fish–double their chances of high academic performance. Children who eat damaged fats–in fried food and takeaways–are reportedly often badly behaved and also, perform badly atRead more about Improve Your Child’s Behavior with Food[...] Read More

Why Can’t My Child Remember Anything?

Most of Us assume Children Have strong Memories, so When your Child doesn’t Seem to be able To remember  Much or grasp Concepts, it Can become Worrying For parents. Health talks With clinical Psychologist Maya fleifel Sidani about How to boost Your child’s Memory from The onset. The Science During early childhood, everyday adult-child interactions provide the basis for memory development by fostering language development and helping children acquire scripts for common events. Also, memory develops largely through social interaction, and parents and teachers play a criticalRead more about Why Can’t My Child Remember Anything?[...] Read More

Back to School Guide

As parents get ready to send their kids back to school after a long summer holiday, making sure kids are being properly nourished with the right kinds of foods can make all the difference in their academic performance and in their overall health and well-being. HEALTH presents an in-depth guide to nutrition for your children… The UAE A growing issueRead more about Back to School Guide[...] Read More

Preparing Kids to Live 100 Healthy Years

Imagine a world where people live for 100 healthy years? While it may sound like a science fiction movie, it soon can become a reality, thanks to the efforts of German science and technology company Merck which has launched a strategy and action plan to prepare GEN100 – the next generation of kids who will be able to liveRead more about Preparing Kids to Live 100 Healthy Years[...] Read More


With our children’s ever increasing dependency on electronic gadgets, a solution is required to get them up and moving. Meet Malicah Eissa, a Pilates enthusiast trained in STOTT PILATES, who explains how the Junior Pilates program works The Program “The program was designed with the intention of developing body awareness at a young age andRead more about WHY OUR KIDS NEED TO BE DOING PILATES MORE THAN EVER[...] Read More


HEALTH meets with Cecile de Scally, the lead midwife, pregnancy and postnatal educator at Malaak Mama & Baby Care, a one-stop shop for all pre and postnatal support services for Mother and Child, who details her unique skill at communicating with babies. Cecile has been a nurse for nearly 30 years, of which 26 yearsRead more about UNDERSTANDING BABIES[...] Read More

The Nanny Chronicles

Recently, there has been a lot of negative news in the media about nannies in the region; both in the mistreatment of the children they are entrusted to care for and the mistreatment of the nannies themselves. HEALTH speaks to Dr. Tara Wyne, Clinical Psychologist who delves deeper into this issue… Growing Dependence Dr. WyneRead more about The Nanny Chronicles[...] Read More


From the heavy book bags to the increase in sedentary lifestyles, our kids today are complaining of back and joint pain. To help, Senior Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist Hashim Zaka provides some practical tips. 1. While sitting in school, the hip, knees, and ankle joint need to be in the 90 degrees position, bottom comfortably tucked atRead more about WHY ARE OUR KIDS COMPLAINING OF JOINT PAIN?[...] Read More

Yes, Your Child is Inheriting Your Genetic Disorders

Genetic disorders are the most common cause of infant mortality in Arab nations. Genetic disorders induce approximately 20 percent of the infant mortality rates in developed countries. Defined According to Dr. Rupali Chopra, Lab Director, IGENOMIX, genetic disorders are caused by abnormalities in the human genes and can be hereditary, i.e. passed down from generationRead more about Yes, Your Child is Inheriting Your Genetic Disorders[...] Read More

Keeping Kids Safe in Style

Gone are the days when parents had to let go of their style mantra and instead, embrace baby products that were just compliant with their kids’ dressing and safety needs. With more and more manufacturers considering options galore to provide fashion statements along with safety, on-trend kids-parenting gears are now a reality. Safety with DesignRead more about Keeping Kids Safe in Style[...] Read More