Easy Lifestyle Tweaks to Help Fight Aging

While cutting-edge cosmetic treatments and advanced skin creams can indeed do wonders for our appearance, simple lifestyle tweaks can also help turn back the clock. EXERCISE: Not only do you look and feel better, exercise can actually boost muscle power and endurance. It helps with posture and improved bone density; not to mention the endorphinsRead more about Easy Lifestyle Tweaks to Help Fight Aging[...] Read More

The acne and food connection

While research has stated that there isn’t a particular food that causes acne, still those suffering from it can minimize outbreaks by eating good-for-the-skin foods. Top Skin Foods • Sunflower seeds and almonds are loaded with vitamin E which is found in the skin’s top layers. This can guard the cells’ outer membrane so cellsRead more about The acne and food connection[...] Read More

Is Stress Controlling Your Appetite?

Juggling tight deadlines, an office commute, and dealing with day-to-day stressors often has us reaching for unhealthy snacks in the middle of it all. Learn how to get off the stressful eating cycle and live a healthier life. How Stress Makes us Hungry Chronic unrelenting stress, thekind most of us live with every day,often makesRead more about Is Stress Controlling Your Appetite?[...] Read More


Women have madestrides in educationand careers, yet stillsometimes neglecttheir own health. Hereare some simple, yeteffective tips to boostyour sense of wellbeingtoday. Tip 1 Stop Eating Diet Food Tired of avoiding carbs and constantly eating non-fat diet foods? Remember, eating weight loss foods doesn’t necessary mean these are good for your health as these are oftenRead more about A WOMAN’S GUIDE TO WELLNESS[...] Read More

Is eating out too much ruining your diet ?

Is eating out too much ruining your diet ? Dubai has an endless list of cafes, eateries, fine-dining options, and even street food vendors almost everywhere you go. Add to this, the iconic Friday brunches loaded with treats and the convenience of home delivery of all kinds of food makes overeating very easy for anyone. To maintain your diet and still enjoy dining out,Read more about Is eating out too much ruining your diet ?[...] Read More

Women over 50 Staying Healthy

From heart disease to diabetes, despite the rise of certain lifestyle diseases overall, today’s latest medical advances are making it easier to diagnose a disease to help women proactively make required lifestyle changes to live a normal lifestyle. Diabetes Screening If your sugar levels have been normal, undergo a diabetes screening test annually. If youRead more about Women over 50 Staying Healthy[...] Read More

Is Your Style Aging You?

YOU MAY HAVE GORGEOUS HAIR AND ON-TREND MAKEUP, BUT IF YOU DRESS THE WRONG WAY, YOU COULD BE ADDING YEARS TO YOUR OVERALL LOOK. HEALTH REVEALS  THE TOP STYLE MISTAKES WOMEN MAKE AND HOW TO CORRECT THEM. Mistake #1: BUYING OVERLY STRETCHY JEANS Not only can these over accentuate imperfections on even the thinnest women, overly stretchy jeansRead more about Is Your Style Aging You?[...] Read More

Get off the cycle of ENVY

Sometimes women can be their own worst enemy as we unfairly compare ourselves to other women who we perceive as being prettier, smarter, and thinner. HEALTH learns that negative body image is one of the worst things a woman can do to herself. When Sue, a size 14, wanted to get in shape, she joinedRead more about Get off the cycle of ENVY[...] Read More


In honor of upcoming UAE National Day, HEALTH meets four dynamic Emirati women who are making wellbeing and optimal health a way of life. Emirati life coach, author, and social media personality Hala Kazim inculcates wellness in many ways; from ‘Journey Through Change’—- her organization to help women find their inner strength to her newRead more about EMIRATI WOMEN MAKING STRIDES IN WELLNESS, FITNESS, AND SPORTS[...] Read More

Do High Heels Damage Your Feet?

With the festive season upon us, many of us will be squeezing our feet into bejeweled, beautiful stilettos, only to limp in pain at the end of the evening. HEALTH speaks to an expert about how we can wear our heels and still maintain healthy feet. ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL According to chiefRead more about Do High Heels Damage Your Feet?[...] Read More