In Search of Flawless Skin

Frustrated with working with inefficient skincare products and treatments whose formulations failed to deliver skin health, Fatma Shaheen— CEO and Founder of Skin Design London—wanted to streamline skincare products. Here she muses about the quest for flawless skin and optimal wellness. The Start Skin Design London officially launched March 2017 at Fortnum & Mason inRead more about In Search of Flawless Skin[...] Read More

Can You Stall Aging with Hormones?

From eating healthier to exercising and even turning to expensive cosmetic treatments—as we age, most of us do whatever we can to slow down the process. Yet Dr. Hugo C. Verhoeven, a worldwide recognized antiaging expert reveals that it is actually hormones that play a huge role in the anti-aging processes. Four Aspects of AgingRead more about Can You Stall Aging with Hormones?[...] Read More

Four Results Driven Treatments Guaranteed to Perfect Your Skin

While expensive face creams can make your skin look good on the surface, for the festive season, deeper treatments that work from within the skin are required. Here are four facial treatments guaranteed to give you flawless skin just in time for the festive season. Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) A known favorite of KimRead more about Four Results Driven Treatments Guaranteed to Perfect Your Skin[...] Read More

Deciphering K-Beauty Ingredients… What Do We Really Need

Many skincare products make huge promises, but what truly works and delivers bonafide results are what consumers want. To help decipher the mainstays of truly effective K-beauty skincare, Jude Chao, a K-beauty expert and blogger from Fifty Shades of Snail reveals her list of the most power-packed ingredients out there. Hyaluronic Acid An ingredient thatRead more about Deciphering K-Beauty Ingredients… What Do We Really Need[...] Read More


Women have madestrides in educationand careers, yet stillsometimes neglecttheir own health. Hereare some simple, yeteffective tips to boostyour sense of wellbeingtoday. Tip 1 Stop Eating Diet Food Tired of avoiding carbs and constantly eating non-fat diet foods? Remember, eating weight loss foods doesn’t necessary mean these are good for your health as these are oftenRead more about A WOMAN’S GUIDE TO WELLNESS[...] Read More


HEALTH met with Dr. Rabi Hanna, a specialist in pediatric hematology, oncology, and blood & bone marrow transplantation in the United States to understand more about childhood leukemia and some early signs to look out for. In Childhood According to Dr.Hanna, pediatric cancer is the leading cause of death in children from a disease perspective.Read more about ARAB HEALTH 2018 A FOCUS ON CHILDHOOD LEUKEMIA[...] Read More


EVERYTHING YOU NEEDED TO KNOW ABOUT COLOR CORRECTING All beauty aficionados are well aware that color correcting is a huge trend that has taken the beauty world by storm. HEALTH meets with Gilbert Soliz, Global Makeup Artist for Marc Jacobs Beauty to find out exactly how it’s done. WHAT IT MEANS According to Soliz, color correcting basically means neutralizing the skin using theRead more about EVERYTHING YOU NEEDED TO KNOW ABOUT COLOR CORRECTING[...] Read More


Margaret Dabbs, a celebrity favorite and internationally renowned podiatrist, CEO, and Founder of Margaret Dabbs London brand, gives Dubai’s well-heeled women gold standard professional pedicures that used to be only available in London. HEALTH learns more about her expertise. The Right Touch “When we provide one of our signature medical pedicures, a full assessment ofRead more about MERGING HEALTH AND BEAUTY… SOLE LOUNGE BY MARGARET DABBS[...] Read More

Dress Up For a Dubai Winter

While it never really gets freezing cold here in the uae, still, as the Temperatures drop and the air gets crisp and cool, we do enjoy reaching For our winter wear. Health asks home grown fashion designer Kristina Fidelskaya her tips for looking fabulous in the winter. The Tips Invest in Outerwear Winter is alwaysRead more about Dress Up For a Dubai Winter[...] Read More

Movers & Shakers

Movers & Shakers Beauty is serious business and and no doubt, set to become even bigger in 2017. Joelle Mardinian is one such expert who embodies this mantra with her group of businesses under the Joelle Group. HEALTH meets the brains behind the business…. The Beginnings “I started very early in the beauty business. I have always been passionate about makeup and started training atRead more about Movers & Shakers[...] Read More