Make that Lifestyle Change Today

Despite the belief that we are in a health conscious society, with super foods, and the latest diet trends, the UAE is currently facing an epidemic of chronic non-communicable diseases. In 2017, the International Diabetes Federation stated the rate of diabetes in the UAE was at 15.6 percent, while the USA and UK prevalence rates wereRead more about Make that Lifestyle Change Today[...] Read More

Understanding Surgery; a One-on-One with Dr. Ritu Khare

A surgeon par excellence, Dr. Ritu Khare is a Consultant Surgeon practicing in the UAE for the last 15 years. She specializes in advanced laparoscopic surgery, gastrointestinal surgery, bariatric surgery, and breast diseases. Here she highlights some exciting aspects about her field. What are some recent groundbreaking laparoscopic surgical techniques for cancer patients? “It isRead more about Understanding Surgery; a One-on-One with Dr. Ritu Khare[...] Read More

The Right Way to Talk to Your Children

Communication is not only an expression of words or gestures, but is listening and paying attention to each other in an active and positive way, as well as sharing meals and playful interaction. But what should not be communicated to your children? HEALTH investigates. Why It Matters Whether it happens around the dinner table orRead more about The Right Way to Talk to Your Children[...] Read More

Can You Stall Aging with Hormones?

From eating healthier to exercising and even turning to expensive cosmetic treatments—as we age, most of us do whatever we can to slow down the process. Yet Dr. Hugo C. Verhoeven, a worldwide recognized antiaging expert reveals that it is actually hormones that play a huge role in the anti-aging processes. Four Aspects of AgingRead more about Can You Stall Aging with Hormones?[...] Read More

Ask the Experts

From pediatric questions to general medical queries, our panel of experts is here to answer your questions…. PLANTAR FASCIITIS The question: I have recently developed plantar fasciitis for which I am taking medication. Is there anything else I can do to alleviate the pain? Cristina Craciun, Senior Physiotherapist responds, “Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation ofRead more about Ask the Experts[...] Read More

Is there a path to end the Autism Epidemic?

Between the ongoing debate about the possible link between autism and vaccinations, J.B. Handley, the father of a child with autism and Author of the book ‘How to End the Autism Epidemic’, suggests a promising middle-ground solution for this growing epidemic. TWO SIDES OF THE DEBATE On one side of the debate are parents whoRead more about Is there a path to end the Autism Epidemic?[...] Read More

Your heart healthy checklist

☑ From lifestyle and exercise to the foods we eat, we all aspire to maintain optimal cardiovascular health. Use our checklist to help. ☑ Seek out early medical consultation if you suffer from any problems related to your heart or if you have pre-existing hereditary heart conditions already. ☑ Focus on eating foods which includeRead more about Your heart healthy checklist[...] Read More

Simple habits to help boost your self-confidence

Simple steps that you can do easily on a daily basis can actually help you improve your life greatly, as HEALTH finds out. Visualization: Choose a quiet time and place at home where you can spend just five minutes uninterrupted and do nothing but focus on your goals, what you want to achieve in yourRead more about Simple habits to help boost your self-confidence[...] Read More

Paying attention… to yourself

Despite women juggling home and career, we are still putting ourselves last on the priorities list. Use our guide to help make yourself number one and in turn, boost your wellbeing. Get active: Make it a habit to eat well, sleep well, and simply take some time out to breathe. No matter how hectic yourRead more about Paying attention… to yourself[...] Read More

Improve Your Child’s Behavior with Food

Good for the Brain Foods According to health and nutrition expert Patrick Holford, the brain is 60 percent fat, therefore, children who eat good fats–from raw nuts, seeds, and oily fish–double their chances of high academic performance. Children who eat damaged fats–in fried food and takeaways–are reportedly often badly behaved and also, perform badly atRead more about Improve Your Child’s Behavior with Food[...] Read More