Diets for Diabetics

Diabetic dietWhat is diabetes and what causes it?

A person with diabetes has a condition in which the quantity of glucose in the blood is too elevated (hyperglycemia). This is because the body does not produce enough insulin, produces no insulin, or has cells that do not respond properly to the insulin the pancreas produces. This results in too much glucose building up in the blood. This excess blood glucose eventually passes out of the body in urine. So, even though the blood has plenty of glucose, the cells are not getting it for their essential energy and growth requirements.

What should and shouldn’t diabetics and pre-diabetics eat?

Have high-fiber foods which are rich in complex carbohydrates. It will improve digestion, stabilize blood sugar levels and makes you feel satisfied after your meal.

Control sweets, simple carbohydrates like sugar, all baked items made of white flour, soda pops etc, fatty foods and salt. Have 6 small meals a day consisting of 3 main meals and 2-3 snacks.

What can pre- diabetics eat that diabetics can’t?

Small portions of simple carbohydrates like desserts, white breads, rice, jams, controlled butter or margarine how often should they eat? 6 meals a day, (One meal approximately every 3 hours).

What does eating the wrong kinds of foods do to the system, (please explain the process to get the reader to understand and appreciate what they are doing to their bodies)?

Simple carbohydrates are digested quickly thus raising the blood glucose levels suddenly, and as it’s raised suddenly it goes down suddenly within 1 – 1.5 hours.

Thus the glucose level won’t be stable after that you will feel hungry and dizzy, that raises the chances of a patient going into a coma. Always know that Low level of glucose affects all body organs and functions.

Should people with Hypoglycemia watch for the same things as those with hyperglycemia?

Both have to control the simple carbohydrates to keep the blood sugar levels in normal range. What’s the difference? Hypoglycemic have a some freedom in eating simple carbohydrates like pasta, white rice, white bread etc while hyperglycemic don’t. They have to be on constant alert.



Breakfast Snacktime Lunch Snack Dinner Beforesleeping
1 sliced brown bread+ Any one of the below1 boiled egg1 slice low fatcheese

1 fat free yoghurt

+ 2 tea spoon diabetic jam

+ Small plate of sliced

cucumbers and tomatoes

1pieceoffruitlikepineapple,orange,grape fruit

or apple.

1 medium plate ofsalad+ 100 gramsofprotein (chickenor fish) – grilled,

boiled or steamed

+ Small plate

of vegetables –

grilled or steamed

1digestivebiscuit(Light)+1 warm

drink like

green tea

or mint

1 fat free yoghurtormilk orlaban.+ 1 slice of brownbread+ 1 plate of

vegetables, can be

a salad or steamed

1 cup offat free
– ENDS –


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