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health factoryTo Start: The Health Factory nutritionist assessed my overall eating habits, BMI, weight, and lifestyle and because I am not overweight, suggested I take the “Miracle 1600 Meal Plan”, a  wellbalanced program that adheres to the ‘watch what you eat’ philosophy. This is a metabolism booster which kick starts the body to mobilize its fat stores with 3 meals and 2 snacks throughout the day to trigger the weight loss with as little effort as possible.

The Experience: The food parcel arrived in a large cooler bag very early in the morning. Every breakfast was calculated at 300 calories each and offered a wide range of different kinds of foods. For instance, one breakfast was a carrot and cheese sandwich while another was a baked zucchini omelet. Lunches were 500 calories each and included tender chicken in mustard and thyme sauce
served with creamy mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables while another lunch was delicious roasted vegetable lasagna. 400 calories were allotted to dinner with a wide variety of dishes available; I had spicy Chipotle beef tacos one evening with a crisp garden salad while another night, Parmesan crusted chicken served with steamed vegetables and mashed potato. In between each meal was a snack mostly consisting of fresh fruit medley, melon balls, and orange slices.

Results: This delivery plan per day is very large in quantity with plenty of food, salads, and snacks to stay full and in fact I didn’t feel a pang of hunger the entire week I was eating these meals.
By the end of the week, I felt lighter and more energetic. This is the perfect plan if you don’t want to give up your carbs, eat lots of food and enjoy a huge variety.

Details: Health Factory provides different health meal programs for – men, women and children which are designed to suit their individual needs. Prices range from Dhs 1100 to Dhs 3600 depending on your menu, your package, and your medical requirements. This is inclusive of the full meal package for up to 28 days, all meals of the day, the initial consultation with the dietician, the full body composition analysis and the regular follow-ups. They also provide with flexi-plans that can be created to suit your individual lifestyle.

Contact: 04 347 3808/04 323 2400;

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