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lightingLighting Takes Precedence
Be it a decorative lamp or natural light filtering in from a window, lighting in our home plays a very  important role in the overall look and feel of the space. HEALTH meets with Interior Designer/ MyFkra Founder and Lighting Specialist Joud Outry who explains more.

Focal Point
“As a lighting specialist, the first thing that attracts me is the lighting atmosphere of each space/room. With light, you can move forward and without light you can’t take a step. Light in this century became one of the main elements and the fourth dimension which infuses harmony and gives balance for any kind of design—be it classic, modern contemporary, or even vintage.”

“Light means the sun and moon; imagine the sky without them, how about your day without the sunshine or the night without the brightness of the moon? It’s the same for the light; you can’t enter any place without light nor truly be attracted to any space without light as it is what gives the right impression of each space you are in. Lighting can be used for many purposes in many ways and helps in infusing elegance and brightness to a home.”

Tips to Enhance Lighting
home space“Lighting can make your  house appear bigger,  fresher, and decidedly  more chic, as well as  add value. Try and think  outside the box with  eye catching fixtures/ solutions that illuminate the space and at the same time add design to it, using colors, hidden light, huge laminated fixtures, or a creative sculpture that includes light. Other ways include the addition of mirrors to make the most of the light in a room. Also,  replace the table and floor light with recessed light strips.”

Big Lighting Trends
“There are some major  lighting trends of 2016. One is LED lighting, which is one of those trends that make perfect sense. When total energy costs are considered over the long term, LED lighting
is both more affordable and more practical than other alternatives. While the upfront costs for LED lighting do tend to be higher, the overall energy costs associated with LED lighting are considerably lower when calculated over  an entire lifespan of use. Another is pendant lighting which is a hot trend at the moment.”

“Another big trend is chandeliers  which are in strong demand. In this category, there are a couple of clear trends emerging. Chandeliers aren’t  just for dining rooms any more. We’re seeing them surface just about everywhere, from kitchens and baths to laundry rooms.”

Copper Colored Fixtures
“Also, copper colored light fixtures are big as warm metals are trendy for 2016, and they’re making appearances in many places throughout the home. Many lighting purveyors are getting in on the trend, offering a variety of lovely copper-colored pendant lights and various copper sconces and lamps.”

Lighting Control Systems
“Lighting control systems can be used by incorporating it either as outdoor or indoor lighting; sometimes both. With this, you can connect many devices to the same system, such as the air  conditioning, lights, TV, curtains, security system, camera and so on.”

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