The Nanny Checklist

NannyChoosing a nanny can be one of the most important decisions a parent ever makes. HEALTH shares some tips to help make finding the perfect nanny for your family easier.

To Start:

  1. Consulting with nanny agencies, friends and advertising for a nanny are all ways to find a good nanny.
  2. You should definitely interview the nanny in person before hiring her.
  3. Allow your child to meet the nanny also.
  4. List the qualities your ideal nanny would possess, and keep that with you as you meet potential matches. Experience, personality, childcare philosophy and training are all factors to consider.
  5. A background check will alert you to any questionable behavior in the potential nanny’s past.

Hiring a Nanny

When you’ve found the nanny that best suits your child and situation, include the following:

  1. Draw a contract to iron out the details of your nanny’s employment. This should include hours, duties, and the amount of payments and when they will be paid, any benefits you will be offering the nanny including days off, and any other pertinent information.
  2. Clear communication is a must at this stage of the nanny process; handle any questions before the nanny begins work.

Other Tips

  1. The nanny and the parents must communicate clearly with one another.
  2. As finding and hiring a nanny can be a time-consuming and emotional process, working through disagreements or misunderstandings is often preferable to firing the nanny.
  3. Staying home and guiding your nanny through a typical day with your child might help to set a routine you will both be satisfied with.
  4. Regular feedback on the nanny’s performance can help show the nanny what she is doing well and where you would like to see improvement.
  5. When your nanny goes above and beyond her duty or really pleases you, showing your appreciation is a great idea.
  6. A daily log book can show you how the nanny is spending her time while in your home and is something the two of you can look over together to get a sense of her strengths and weaknesses.

Letting Her Go

If you find you and the nanny simply cannot continue your employment relationship, letting a nanny go must be done respectfully. If your nanny is from an agency, the agency might be able to intervene and help you come to an acceptable solution.

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