Turn back the clock with these treatments

cutting edge treatmentsJust in time for the festive season, HEALTH presents its roundup of absolute favorite cutting edge treatments to give you the wow factor and turn back the clock immediately.

Liquid Facelift

After the holidays, my skin looked lackluster and I was looking gaunt and over-stressed. To fix this problem instantly, Dr. Silvian Stanciu, Specialist Plastic Surgeon at Wellbeing Medical Centre advised I try their liquid facelift which would ultimately give me a look that would be subtle and discreet. Using dermal fillers Juvaderm and Teosyal alongside small amounts of Botox strategically placed would not only restore the volume of my face but give me a lifted and youthful look. After topical Emla was applied, Dr. Silvio drew on the areas that required just gentle lifting; the nasolabial area, the cheeks and around the mouth. Once the filling was complete, I was amazed at the transformation. My mouth looked lifted slightly, my cheeks lifted and fuller while my overall face was fuller and softer. This less than one hour amazing treatment erased years off my face and is a must-try for anyone looking for instant results and a ‘wow’ look. Price based on consultation; contact Wellbeing Medical Center 04-348-4406

Blue Peel Radiance

Part of the Obagi medical range, Blue Peel Radiance contains a unique blend of acids to provide a gentle but effective salicylic acid -based facial chemical peel, resulting in tighter, smoother, brighter-looking skin immediately after just one treatment . During the session a Blue Peel Radiance Prep Solution was applied to my clean skin and left to dry. Next the Blue Peel Radiance is applied in a systematic pattern of application in order to achieve even results. The treatment was then allowed to work into the skin for 5 minutes depending on my skin type, condition and sensitivity. Finally it was removed using the Obagi Nu-Derm Gentle Cleanser and an SPF is applied. After the treatment, though my skin was a little red., it looked immediately clearer and visibly brighter. Price per session: Dhs 800; contact Obagi MediSpa Dubai Mall on 04-3397060

AFT (Advanced Fluorescent Technology)

Another instant results treatment is AFT which can eradicate broken capillaries, lighten sun spots, soften lines and wrinkles and inevitably delay the skin aging process. The treatment began with my skin analysis and consultation and then my skin was prepared by using a powerful cocktail of NIMUE skincare products. After this, a cold gel is applied to the skin and the cooled tip of the AFT system placed onto the treatment area. Pulses of powerful yet safe light are delivered into the skin causing a reaction to occur in the dermis. After this a peel and soothing collagen film is applied and the final result was an immediate glow. Price per session: Dhs 1200 or buy a package of 4 and receive the 5th complimentary; contact Clinic Dermalase 04-349-7880.

Red Carpet Treatment

Designed to create immediate results perfect for an event or a last minute special occasion with zero downtime and maximum effect, with the Red Carpet treatment, you can expect to see great results straight after your treatment which continue to get better by perpetuating continuous collagen rejuvenation. First my skin was cleansed using a combination of deep cleansing. Next it was exfoliated using a mild peel combined with cutting edge Oxygen infusion to nourish and boost the second layer of the skin alongside boosting the skin cells and radio frequency to address the deepest layer to promote instant skin tightening and facial contouring. After this one hour treatment, my face looked lifted, firmer. Price per session Dhs 2,500; contact Biolite on 04-346-6641

Cryo Freeze

The Cryo Facial is a Cryogenic treatment, in which a controlled beam of vaporized liquid nitrogen is used to freeze the skin of the face, scalp, and neck area. The cold nitrogen produces an instantaneous tightness in the skin, filling in fine lines and wrinkles. Collagen is activated to produce more cells, causing skin to become more elastic over repeated use. Additionally, skin’s pore size is reduced, keeping toxins, dirt and grime out. Some of the benefits I noticed immediately post treatment was reduced pore size, a visible reduction in lines as well as pigmentation looked lighter. Price: Cryofacial Glow Dhs 275 for one session and Cryofacial Signature facial one session is Dhs 400; contact 04-351-8300.

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