Food Experience with La Tablita

food-experienceFrom crispy tacos to ceviche, authentic Mexican food was something I truly missed from my years of living in Los Angeles. The good is news is that a ‘La Tablita’ has opened up in Dubai and serves up some of the freshest and most authentic Mexican food around with a lively atmosphere perfect for the entire family.

The hostesses and servers were all Mexican and were always ready to make friendly suggestions. Immediately we were informed about the unique tick-box menu style for the ceviche and taco choices showcasing 16 different types of tacos. The Ceviches Bar is the place for the freshest variety of seafood and represents Mexico’s strong influences in all kinds of seafood.

To start, we had nachos with salsa, a good choice as we enjoyed the freshly fried crispy chips with the tangy, yet spicy zing of the fresh tomato and chili based salsa. Our beverages to start were
‘Hibiscus Orchata’, which was made up of rice syrup and cinnamon blended together into a milky, refreshing drink which we were told was a regular part of meals in Mexico. I also tried the tamarind drink which was a refreshingly tangy, yet slightly sweet starter to the meal. Our starters included a platter of enchiladas served with a variety of fillings ranging from shrimp and chicken
to duck, accompanied by traditional brown mole sauce for dipping. Next, we sampled the famous tacos, encased in deliciously crispy corn shells. We also sampled the ‘Tostados de Tinga’,
which were chicken stuffed in a shell of corn; another winner. We also had beef tenderloin fajitas with the beef seasoned and cooked to perfection, laden with fresh vegetables rolled into soft,
fresh flour tortillas. Each portion included generous portions of fresh guacamole, salsa, and black beans cooked Mexican style.

Despite feeling like we couldn’t eat another mouthful, our friendly server tempted us with three of their signature desserts. One was the renowned “Tres Leches cake”, a cake soaked in a mixture of 3 milks and a specialty of the region. It was cool, creamy, and delectably sweet without being heavy. Another dessert we sampled were the “Crunchy churros” or finger shaped deep fried Mexican style donuts. They arrived in a metal mug and were served with a bit of cinnamon and a chocolate sauce. And the last dessert we sampled was the “Impossible Brownie”, a rich fudgy brownie
topped with ice cream.

The Verdict

La Tablita is a must-try for delicious, authentic Mexican food and in particular, the unique Taco Shop experience. The entire staff is friendly and the ambiance is ideal for kids and adults alike.

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