Food Review Authentic Far Eastern Cuisine Under The Stars

27Located in the scenic Ajman Saray hotel on the Ajman corniche, Safi has all the elements of an evening out for dinner with the family.

With the pleasant weather on Friday night, we were offered the option to dine indoors or outdoors, buffet or a la carte. We chose the far eastern buffet as it incorporated some of our favorite dishes from the far east. Starters included two kinds of soups; rich Korean seaweed and beef soup And the other, a Japanese miso soup. Even the salads section carried through the far eastern theme and included calamari salad marinated with Korean spicy sauce, Chinese cucumber and coriander salad, and my all-time favorite; Thai style papaya salad with shrimp which had just the right hints of sweet and sour.

There were also live cooking stations; two that really stood out were the Japanese pancake station and the wok fried noodles station. I had a pancake made in very authentic Japanese style with spring onions and dried fish flakes which was flavorful and authentic. The wok fried noodles station was a hit with my kids as they feasted on stir fried noodles made just how they liked it with different seasonings, meats and vegetables served hot at our table. The sushi section was expansive and had my favorites; salmon sushi and fresh cucumber roll.

Beyond the live cooking stations, there were other Far Eastern dishes on course; the black pepper beef was delicious and went very well with the steamed jasmine rice. There were a few Chinese dishes that included Sichuan style shrimp, Taiwanese three cups chicken, and Cantonese Tangculiji style sweet and sour fish. These were all authentic and went well with the Indonesian dishes that included Indonesian Urap Urap or mixed vegetables with coconut.

Carrying the Eastern theme through to the desserts section, there was a good selection of Thai fruits on offer; papaya, Dragon fruit, pineapple and more. There were also some sweet treats including chocolate brownies and rice pudding, but my favorite was the sticky toffee pudding.

Verdict: With efficient and friendly service and an authentic spread of Far Eastern food, be sure to visit Safi at The Ajman Saray Hotel for an evening under the stars.
Contact: The Ajman Saray Hotel 06-714 2222


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