Reverse the Aging Process with Teoxane

Reverse the Aging Process with Teoxane A manufacturer of hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal fillers and skincare products, Teoxane is a key global player in aesthetic medicine and skincare. HEALTH met with Teoxane’s Chief Scientific Officer/Plastic Surgeon Dr. Patrick Trevidic who discusses their range of highly effective hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers designed to treat wrinkles, give volume to the face, and improve skinRead more about Reverse the Aging Process with Teoxane[...] Read More

Freezing Away Your Fat: Everything about CoolSculpting

Freezing Away Your Fat: Everything about CoolSculpting During the last few decades, the choices within body contouring and plastic surgery have significantly increased. New techniques and new procedures have made it possible to shape every inch of the body. One of the latest methods that is taking the cosmetic industry by rage is CoolSculpting. What is CoolSculpting Based on the cryolipolysis technology,Read more about Freezing Away Your Fat: Everything about CoolSculpting[...] Read More

Fit & Fabulous

Fit & Fabulous Health is wealth! We all know this.  However, while living our fast-paced professional lives, health often gets ignored. Many people nowadays think fitness and health is all aboutlooking great. But total wellness means staying healthy from body, mind, and inner self. The people we admire, inspire us the most. And if they are someone whoRead more about Fit & Fabulous[...] Read More

10 Hottest Short Hair Style for Women in 2019

The few women who take the courageous step to try short hairdos come to love the results and the freedom from the hassle of maintaining long tresses every morning. Of course, there are more benefits including low maintenance and more comfort in hot summer days among others. To get started, you need to research theRead more about 10 Hottest Short Hair Style for Women in 2019[...] Read More

Being Creative Will Make You Happier As You Grow Older

Oscar-nominated screenwriter Millard Kaufman wrote his first novel, Bowl of Cherries, at the age of 90. Benjamin Franklin was 78 when he invented the bifocal lens. Clearly, creativity and aging aren’t always mutually exclusive. Award-winning author and poet Piero Rivolta, 77, enjoyed successful careers in car manufacturing, commercial building, and sailing before re-dedicating himself asRead more about Being Creative Will Make You Happier As You Grow Older[...] Read More


It is no secret that one of the key ingredients of success is evolution. Whether it is in your professional or personal life, there is always room for improvement; and the first step towards making headway is to step outside of your comfort zone. As the Founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, correctly stated, “The biggestRead more about FOUR REASONS TO CHALLENGE YOUR COMFORT ZONE[...] Read More


There’s so much talk of empowerment and sisterhood between women and yet still women are often times their own worst enemies—from feeling jealous at another woman’s success to picking apart her clothes, personality, and hair. What makes women do this? To understand more, Nicola Beer, Individual & Couple Relationship Counselor unravels the phenomenon. GENDER WhetherRead more about ARE WOMEN THEIR OWN WORST ENEMIES?[...] Read More

Is the Need to Do It All Driving You Bonkers?

From juggling office work to dealing with the kids studies, in this age of social media, more women are taking multi-tasking to all-new levels. DHA licensed Clinical Psychologist Jyotika Aggarwal discusses the impact of frenzied multi-tasking at all levels and provides solutions to unwind. NOT NEW Multi-tasking as a role, defines what women have beenRead more about Is the Need to Do It All Driving You Bonkers?[...] Read More

Wearable Forms of Art – MONOGRAM

Inspired by Edward Tufte’s quote of ‘Escaping Flatland’ MONOGRAM has created a series of collections that explore this theme in search of its effect on Arabic letters. From paper, they formed sculptures of what the letters would look like if it were set free from paper. Considering the fragile nature of paper, the designs wereRead more about Wearable Forms of Art – MONOGRAM[...] Read More


  There’s a brand-new way to tone up using posture and specific movements. Unlike other exercises, posture training requires you to remain as still as possible, says a leading posture training expert and skeletal therapist DellMaree Day. The former Pilates teacher is the creator of a 10-week online program—The Invisible Exercise (TIE) — which helpsRead more about TONE UP WITH POSTURE TRAINING[...] Read More