18 tips for natural lowering your blood sugar

  1. diabetesConsume diabetic-friendly foods. Some options include avocado slices, baked chicken, peaches, and cucumbers.
  2. Create a blueberry green smoothie using a handful of fresh blueberries, three baby spinach leaves, a cup of plain Greek yogurt and two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice. Drink it for breakfast as a way to lower blood sugar in the morning.
  3. Use coconut flour in your recipes when baking assorted treats. It has fewer carbohydrates, allowing you to still enjoy some of the baked goods you love without worrying about raising your blood
  4. Incorporate exercise into your daily life. It is the best way to lose weight or maintain it while keeping your blood sugar level at bay.
  5. Take a daily dose of apple cider vinegar. You can drink a tablespoon of it, take it as a supplement or add it to fruit-infused water.
  6. Try using a few high-quality essential oils. One particular essential oil, Ocotea, is commonly used by those looking to take control of their sugar levels.
  7. Eat fewer carbohydrates. Replace your usual bread with lettuce wraps, and replace your pasta with spaghetti squash.
  8. Cook with olive oil or coconut oil instead of frying your meat with vegetable, canola, or corn oil.
  9. Spend 20 minutes a day meditating to reduce stress.  Those who are commonly stressed tend to have higher blood sugar levels than those who are not.
  10. Take natural cinnamon supplements and add organic cinnamon to various recipes to reap the benefits of it.
  11. Avoid drinking soda and all of the other sugary beverages sold in grocery stores.
  12. Drink eight glasses of water or more each day to keep your body hydrated and your energy levels up.
  13. Get on a healthy sleep schedule. A lack of sleep  can cause multiple problems including weight gain, irritability, and higher blood sugar levels. Attempt to get at least eight hours of complete
    rest, even if it means skipping out on watching some of your favorite television shows at night.
  14. Add small cubes of coconut to fresh water for added flavor and additional health benefits.
  15. Avoid consuming High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) and refined sugar. When you want sweets, opt for healthy fruit instead.
  16. Start juicing some of the fruits and vegetables known to reduce blood sugar levels. Instead of eating them, you can create flavorful beverages and drink them to reap the benefits.
  17. Always carry almonds with you to snack on when you feel hungry and want something that is packed with protein and not sugary or loaded with carbohydrates.
  18. Use raw honey in recipes to improve gut flora and lower blood sugar.

Louis Venter is the creator of www.diabetescoop.com a website devoted to providing support and ontopic, frequently updated information for diabetics and those in their support network.

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