The Blood Group Diet


Amongst the many healthy eating programs out there, there is one That looks at specific blood groups and accordingly, prescribes a way Of eating for life. Health investigates the blood group diet and what Makes it unique from other diets out there.

The Concept
The Founder of The Blood Group Diet Peter D‘Ablo, a naturist by profession, noticed the link between greater incidences of peptic ulcers and blood type O’s and greater incidences of stomach cancer and blood type A’s. This led him to continue his research and compile the studies in his book, “Eat Right for Your Type.”

The Blood Groups
There are 4 blood groups: O, A, B and AB. The blood type diet adheres to specific factors: One is your blood type is a powerful genetic fingerprint that identifies you. Also, when you eat according to individual characterized blood type diet, you will be healthier, lose weight faster, and slow down the process of aging. Moreover, blood type is a more reliable measure of your unique identity than race, culture, or gender.

Specific Foods
The Blood Group Diet is a detailed list of 16 food groups from meat to condiments. Each food group is further divided into three categories: ‘highly beneficial’ to the body (acts medicinally), ‘neutral’ (acts like a food), or ‘avoid’ (acts like a toxin.) Food is prescribed by weekly portions according to specific nationality. The plan is not designed to lose weight specifically, but emphasizes
optimum performance in health.

The Blood Types and What They Should Eat:


  • Meat is prescribed because of the high levels of stomach acidity.
  • Wheat gluten and sweet corn are causes of weight gain. The best physical activity is high level sports such as aerobics.
  • Have a high rate of peptic ulcers and other inflammatory diseases such as arthritis.


  • vegetarian diet that is high in carbohydrates and low in fat.
  • Meat and kidney beans are weight gain factors as the low acidity in the stomach is not able to metabolize animal protein.
  • Gentle exercise is prescribed.
  • The risk of cancer and heart disease is prevalent if toxins are not eliminated from the diet.


  • This is the only blood group that does well with dairy products.
  • Sweet corn, lentils, and peanuts may contribute to weight gain.
  • Engage in a moderate form of exercise such as walking.
  • Have a high risk of slow growing viruses that may attack the nervous system if you eat incorrectly for your body type.


  • The diet prescribes dairy foods, tofu, and green vegetables.
  • This group has the most intolerance of the blending of A and B and the combined benefits also.
  • Red meat, kidney beans, lima beans, and wheat may contribute to weight gain.
  • Engage in calming exercises and relaxation techniques.
  • Type AB blood group has the friendliest of the immune systems of all the blood groups.
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