Detox the Natural Way


Let’s face it; after a heavy holiday meal, we usually feel sluggish and tired. To help with this, HEALTH reveals some of the best natural foods that can help kick start your system into cleansing itself for optimal wellbeing.

Lemon Water
A warm cup of lemon and honey water on an empty stomach every early morning can boost your body’s natural cleansing system, not to mention give you great, glowing skin.

Packed with fiber and good-for-you essential fatty acids, this is a must for optimal health and for a natural detox.

A very important aspect of detox meals, beets are high in fiber and antioxidants, and low in calories.

Broccoli helps your liver detox by boosting its enzymes and enables easy elimination of toxins.

Warm Water
Avoid drinking cold water and instead, make it a habit to sip warm water throughout the day. This can help your body remove sluggish waste material quicker and easier.

Cabbage is packed with fiber and can trigger your digestive system to become more active. It also helps your liver get rid of toxins. Garlic Garlic helps the liver flush away toxins and in turn, boosts the immune system.

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