Easy Eating Habits for a Flat Tummy

eating-habits-to-lose-weight-quicklyPeople who are doing job or having a business in which they have to sit all the time are facing this problem and due to their hectic schedule they are not able to perform any kind of physical activities like exercise, yoga, walking, etc. due to which their flat stomach becomes a big tummy. In this case, people are looking for eating habits that will help them to get a flatter tummy.

Here are 30 easy eating habits for a flatter tummy:

1) Include Diuretics in your food – Lemon is a best diuretic that you can incorporate in your diet. Lemon juice is an impeccable option for a flatter tummy. You can take lemon in your food or include lemon juice in your daily routine.

2) Lemon Tea – Lemon tea can help you to lose weight and make you more fit as well as give you a great and perfect personality.

3) Eat in Small Plate – Yes, you are wondering that how could it help you in losing unwanted fat. But surely it will help you, when you are in a part or at friend’s place then have a food in small plate because if you take a big plate then you will have more food and you will eat more food. And it is true that a person will consume less food when he or she takes in a small plate.

4) Eat in Red Plates – It is quite quirky but it is really workable. Red color will give an indication to stop that means when you eat in red plate then you will remember that you have to eat less food.

5) Try to Avoid Buffet System – Try to follow your family tradition i.e. serving of food instead of using buffet system.

6) Be Conscious with your Eating Activities – When you are eating try to avoid watching TV, eat in a relaxing environment and play some music, all these things will give you an amazing atmosphere and while when you are conscious when eating then you will eat less food and you will chew food more, it will help you to give the real taste of food.

7) Chew your Food More – Chew your food 20 times before swallowing because when you consume fast, you will swallow air that causes the stomach bloat.

8) Avoid Overeating – When you are having snacks or food which is highly in salts and sugar, try to eat from the plate instead of pack or box, it will save you from the overeating. Food that has high in sugar and salt will lead to stomach bloat.

9) Have Fiber rich and high source protein food in your diet.

10) Use Chopsticks – It is a conscious eating tip (when you eat with the help of chopsticks then you will take smaller bites and chew it in a proper manner).

11) Eat Salad – If you want flat tummy, then you should have to intake less calories and for that you have to consume less food. So before starting your lunch or dinner, eat salad in good amount, it will lessen your hunger and give you a flatter tummy.

12) Try to avoid a huge amount of food at a single time, instead of that take small-small diet in some interval of time.

13) After having your breakfast, lunch or dinner go for a small walk, if can’t spend lots of time on walk then go for at least 5 minute walk.

14) Sprouts have a nutrition that is required for a body, so incorporate sprouts in your routine diet.

15) Garlic – Add garlic in your diet, you can include it in your food or in drink; it will help you lose your unwanted fat from a body.

16) Green Chilly – Green chilly is also help to burn the fat, but it is advisable to people to take it as per their health because some people can’t eat chillies due to some health issue. Include juices in your diet.

Article Source: http://www.beinggirlish.com/eating-habits-for-flat-tummy/

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