Getting back into the fitness game after the holidays

If you’re just now getting back into a workout routine after a few weeks off for the holidays, don’t feel guilty and don’t worry. You will get that strength and fitness back. Compared to somebody who has never trained, your experience gives you a huge advantage that’ll make it easier to get back to form. HEALTH learns more.

Step One

Your first victory? You have set yourself to reintroduce exercise into your daily routine. If you’re having trouble with the mental side of getting back in the game after a workout break, remember the following: Don’t beat yourself up, evaluate your losses, be thankful for how far you’ve come, make a plan, and then execute that plan.

Begin Slowly

Reintroduce working out gently, so you’re not completely discouraged. Start with a couple of gentle workouts a week (Pilates, barre, yoga, or strength training) and then slowly introduce the cardio element once you’ve overcome the mental barrier of getting back to working out. Find a buddy that you love training with or join a local running club for the extra motivation. Even better, sign up for the next 5k or 10k available to have a target to aim for. Incorporating both elements not only gives variety to your routine, but speeds up the process of getting fit.

(Credit: Dina ElShurafa, Founder of Reform Athletica)

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