5 Natural Ways To Minimize Wrinkles Around Your Mouth

Anti-agingYou have probably noticed the beginnings of wrinkles around the mouth if you are in the thirties or above. This situation is sometimes referred to as “laugh lines” or it is result of aging. If you use organic products from the grocery store, it is absolutely possible to minimize the wrinkles naturally.

Maintenance regimen, type of skin, sun exposure and genetics are the most important factor whether or not a woman has wrinkles around the mouth. The skin becomes less elastic, thinner and dryer as people age. Parts of the body exposed to the sun like arms, neck and face tend to wrinkle more.

Because of the skin type, some people have better immunity to wrinkles. Dry skin holds up worse than oily skin. It would be a bonus in the middle age if you suffered with oily skin as a teen.

These are the most effective natural ways to minimize facial wrinkles:

Consume Lots of Water – The body has to stay hydrated if you want to prevent your face from wrinkles. You have to ensure that your body gets all the water it needs and you also have to know that older skin needs more moisture. Try to use products that help replenish and preserve the water in your cells.

Aloe Vera Gel For Hydrated Gel – The wrinkles around your mouth can be minimized with natural plant products. Aloe is powerful plant that gives elasticity and helps skin retain moisture.

You can apply fresh aloe vera gel from the plant all over the face, especially on the affected areas (places with more wrinkles). You can also add Vitamin E to the gel because it is natural antioxidant that kills free radicals that cause skin to age.

Lemon Juice For Smooth Skin – You can simply hydrate your skin and make it smoother if you combine lemon juice with moisturizers. Thus the lemon juice helps dissolve oil and dirt in the pores. Coconut or olive oil is the main components in many DIY lemon juice cleaners.

Tighten Your Skin with Egg Whites – Egg whites minimize pores, firm the skin and many other beneficial effects to the skin.

Green Tea for Facial Wrinkles – This powerful tea reduces the size of the wrinkles and prevents premature skin aging. You should simply apply wet green tea bags directly to your face.

Article Source: http://healthyhouseideas.com/5-natural-ways-to-minimize-wrinkles-around-your-mouth/

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