Six tweaks in your diet to help kick-start your weight loss goals

Reaching your weight loss goals is usually never easy, but with a few minor tweaks in your lifestyle, it could be much easier. HEALTH takes a closer look.

Eat dinner early

Make it a habit to eat your last meal of the day before 8 PM. This should also be your lightest meal of the day in order to maintain optimal digestion while you sleep.

Hydration is the key
Water can actually boost your metabolism as when your body is less hydrated, it has low metabolism. A good amount of water consumed daily will help you attain good metabolism and boosts optimal hydration of your body.

Avoid soda
Overloaded with sugar and calories, even one a day can affect your natural ability to digest food, and impacts the calcium in your body.

Include green tea

Not only is it packed with antioxidants, green tea has metabolism boosting properties to help burn fat and boost overall digestion. According to studies, people who drink green tea daily tend to lose weight faster.

Always keep healthy snacks on hand

From nuts to carrot sticks, always keep snacks ready on hand to avoid the temptation of unhealthy snacking on chocolate and chips.

Eat lean meat and protein

Meat and protein also helps you get more energy and improves your metabolism. Protein is full of nutrition and it also emits a hormone in the brain called Leptin, which makes you feel full. Be sure to remove the extra fats and add lean meat to your diet, up to two to three servings per day.

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